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Hi, my name is Steve V. from United States of America of West Hempstead, New York and I am making a video r...
Hi, my name is Steve V. from United States of America of West Hempstead, New York and I am making a video review here for PharmacyEscrow****. First things, first I would like to say that I appreciate your company’s opportunity it has given me to make a video like this and I was very happy to do so as well. Alright, we will go through the company’s website, you will see a bunch of medicines and anything for your medicinal purposes. Alright, I ordered a product called Stablon. Now, this company explains everything straight forward, it’s very user-friendly, when you go to the website, it gives you all the medicines in description and the information on them and the ordering process is very smooth as well. Okay, it tells you how to place the order; it tells you how to pay for the order, how to get it shipped and how to complete it in full. Alright, if you are not computer oriented or computer friendly, you call them up on their toll free number and they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which I find to be very convenient for people who have off schedules. Alright, when I called them up, they answered all my questions, the staff was very friendly, very professional and I just appreciated every single answer, response I have got from this company. They made sure that I got my product in time when I got it shipped in 10 business days like the policy stated. It came very discreetly and it came in all in one piece, no problems whatsoever, did not encounter any problems with this company at all and it was the first time I placed the order with them. So, I was very pleased. All and all, I had a very wonderful experience and I just wish that everyone else can see how good this company is. Place an order with them, give them a call, they will help you out step by step. They email you; they make sure you get everything right. It’s just; everything is wonderful with this company. That’s basically it, I hope this video was very informative for you and I hope that you have the same experience that I had. Take care!