HCG Pregnyl with

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Hi, I am here to do a testimonial on the company PharmacyEscrow****, previously known as DrugDelivery.ca. ...
Hi, I am here to do a testimonial on the company PharmacyEscrow****, previously known as DrugDelivery.ca. I have been really happy with this company. I did the HCG protocol, I am gonna do 1 more round and I have placed about 4 orders with PharmacyEscrow and when I first started back in, I think May was my first order, and I have ordered for friends and I have done a lot of different things with them already and at that time, DrugDelivery.ca, that’s the company that everyone was saying to use and so that’s what I did and I was happy with them. And now there is a few other companies out there that people are talking about; that’s fine and I looked into using them and I still went with DrugDelivery.ca or PharmacyEscrow and I have just been really happy with them on the HCG; I have ordered 4 different types of HCG and every time each one has worked just as well as one before it. The friends that have started the protocol have been just just happy with the one; everything has been effective for them. And my last order took less than 2 weeks and I used the standard shipping, I did not pay extra for shipping, I just used the basic. And now, my daughter needs a fairly expensive prescription which this the first time she has needed something like this and so, I was looking at the different companies and I found that I have got a better deal from PharmacyEscrow****. So, that’s what I decided. Well, I will do another testimony and this time, I think I am finally gonna do the $100 shipping for life. If I understand it correctly, if you pay $100, you don’t have to pay for shipping anymore. So, that way I can just keep ordering because I think she’s gonna need this for a long time. And that’s about it. So, I am planning to order that particular Yasmin is what it is called. So, I am gonna be ordering that from PharmacyEscrow****. I am just nothing but happy with this company. So, just wanted to put this testimonial out. Thanks a lot, have a great day and happy thanksgiving!