The Settlers of Catan Board Game

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*******www***ol-christmas-gifts**** The Settlers of Catan is a board game, but not like Monopoly or Candy L...
*******www***ol-christmas-gifts**** The Settlers of Catan is a board game, but not like Monopoly or Candy Land. At its heart, the The Settlers of Catan is about cooperation and discovery, and players are not eliminated as the game progresses. Settlers is one of the hot games of 2009, but it was first introduced in Germany in 1995. That same year it won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year). Since that time many expansion packs and variations have been released, including electronic versions. The timelessness of the game is one reason why it is a hit for this holiday season. The action takes place on the island of Catan. Players explore the terrain, build settlements and compete for resources. However, this is all done in a non-violent manner and players are not eliminated. You don't win through destroying your neighbor's resources or attacking them. Bargaining with fellow players by planning ahead and striking deals is the key to coming out ahead. The Settlers of Catan is in a constant state of flux at every turn, because the island is discovered during play. Sometimes this is good for you, other times it is not. That is why the spirit of cooperation is so important. In simple terms, each player can benefit from the deals they make and is likely to do poorly if they try to go it alone. Unlike other board games, the Settlers of Catan is a different experience every time it's played. It is easy to learn but has a depth that makes it endearing. Plus, there are plenty of variations and expansions available, allowing you to explore a whole new world, instead of a "simple board game". Take someone along on the trip to Catan for the holidays, and you will find they want to keep going back. This is one game that is destined to quickly become a family favorite