106:WD New Media Player, Kindle Killer, Zach Braff Dies Rumor...

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This episode is sponsored by Angie's List and SquareSpace - for awesome discounts on building wonderful web...
This episode is sponsored by Angie's List and SquareSpace - for awesome discounts on building wonderful websites (SS) and finding the most professional service-person to do work around your home, you have to check out are GREAT discounts with Angie's List as well. Details at the bottom. Twitter and Facebook have the potential to really break a news story even before CNN, MSNBC or even Reuters. The problem, as we've discussed, is when idiots or accidents happen causing rumors to spread like wildfire, such as what happened with actor Zach Braff (on Scrubs) and his supposed "suicide." Thanks to a prankster who posted a link on Twitter, thousands if not millions of people began to spread the demise of Zach Braff all over the web. Here's how Zach addressed the rumors - by another popular social networking site, YouTube. Speaking of moxie fall gadgets, Barnes and Noble has a huge announcement on October 20th and we know what it is. Can you guess? We have all the scoop, details and even discuss the potential if this truly will be a Kindle Killer. Doubtful. Also, one gadget that WILL BE a killer, potentially to even Apple's very own Apple TV is the Western Digital TV Live Media Player - full 1080p HD, HDMI input, USB ports, Wi-fi enabled and the moxiest part? It plays more video codecs (formats) than the Apple TV does. And we found it cheaper to buy at Best Buy than anywhere else. Click here to purchase or to find more info on this moxie and beautiful gift - great for the holidays! Last but not least, poor Sidekick owners (including Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton - sigh!). T-Mobile's servers, which are hosted on Microsoft's servers, were not backed up properly when they did an upgrade to the Sidekick service prompting every single user to lose his/her photos, contacts, calendars and other personal information that was stored in their "cloud server" (like the iPhone, all this info can be 'synced' to a cloud computer - aka a server - elsewhere) and unfortunately, T-Mobile is telling Sidekick users "SORRY!" Doubt that's going to help much! Ouch! As always, please follow me on Twitter moxiemo or jeffmccord - I'd be honored. And, please remember to check out our two strongest sponsors for this show! Angie's List is the #1 service provider online because hundreds of thousands of people use their services (home, lawn, garage, cleaning, babysitting, dogsitting, designing, doctors, etc) and grade/review them so you know exactly who you're going to hire. When you click here, you'll save 25% off your entire membership! And, SquareSpace makes the BEST and MOXIEST websites and you don't even need to know how to program - perfect for the need to create a website for a baby's slideshow, a wedding, your own blog or journal and even your own business. Trust me, this is THE best website design company ever - not only do you get 12% off your entire LIFETIME membership by using the code MOXIE (click here), you'll be up and running with the professional and coolest website in no time.