How To Hack The Wii - Step By Step Tutorial - W/Audio Instructions (Any Version/No Twilight)

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LINK TO DOWNLOAD - *******www.mediafire****/?injnjy5xhwn So yeah this is my first tutorial please tel...
LINK TO DOWNLOAD - *******www.mediafire****/?injnjy5xhwn So yeah this is my first tutorial please tell me what you think. Be Nice. :) And Please Subscribe . (No Twilight) Step By Step - STEP 1 So first download the files from the above link, then extract the zip. STEP 2 Drag The files into the SD Card . (Make sure the SD card is formatted As FAT) STEP 3 Insert the SD card into the front off your wii. Go to the bottom left hand of the screen, click the icon. Then go to "data management" then Channels . Now click in the top right click the SD card. (it should automaticly trigger the install.) STEP 4 Now Click Continue then the hombrew channel, then click install then yes. It Should Say Success. Now Exit . It will lead you straight onto the homebrew channel. Reset your wii and take the SD card out , and put it back into the computer. STEP 5 Delete everything on the SD card then make a new folder called "apps" STEP 6 Go to www.wiibrew**** - Load the page go on to "download applications" (if you want to get like i did the hombrew browser) go to where it says Hombrew Browser. Click It Then Click Download. STEP 7 Extract the homebrew browser application then , drag the extracted files into the the apps folder on the SD card. STEP 8 Once again insert your SD card into the Wii. Click the homebrew channel Icon. Then Start Your homebrew browser should be there . Or any other app you have put in the apps folder. Select the homebrew browser - then let it install and boot what it needs to . STEP 9 Your done hacking the Wii . Enjoy all the apps . Hope this tutorial helped . Have Fun And If You have any questions please post a comment and we will try and get back to you ASAP If This Helped Please Subscribe. iMeTHoDzZ v1,