Scientists Concerned About Future Temperature Rise

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*******SupremeMasterTV**** -Dolphin hunting banned in Bihar -Climate scientists underwhelmed by Copenhage...
*******SupremeMasterTV**** -Dolphin hunting banned in Bihar -Climate scientists underwhelmed by Copenhagen Accord Many have called the new Copenhagen Accord produced by the United Nations Climate Change Conference an important first step in the right direction to curb global warming. However, the Union of Concerned Scientists reminds that without stringent near-term emission reduction goals, the accord’s stated objective of a maximum global temperature increase of 2 degrees Celsius will not be achieved. Rather, it is far more likely that global temperatures will rise by 3-4 degrees Celsius, a range some experts say could trigger runaway warming, with catastrophic effects. During the conference, it was emphasized by small island nations that even a 2-degree rise would be disastrous and that the goal must be 1.5 degrees Celsius to prevent these countries and other coastal areas from being submerged.Last Chance! Pacific Island leaders call to keep us alive.