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Hi my name is Valarie B I ordered from PharmacyEscrow based out of Colorado about a little over a month ago...
Hi my name is Valarie B I ordered from PharmacyEscrow based out of Colorado about a little over a month ago. They said my product would be here in 18-20 days and it got here in 19 days, so I was pretty happy about that it was right on time just like they said. As far as what I ordered I ordered HCG shots and it was exactly what they said it would be, on it you lose about a pound a day and that’s what I have seen so far. Its working really well the product is exactly what they said. I will defiantly tell my friends about it, about PharmacyEscrow and if they want to get anything like that I would defiantly recommend them because it’s exactly what they say it is so I would give PharmacyEscrow a 5 star on your products. As far as the cost on everything it seemed very reasonable. There was a $5 fee for no prescription so you guys can kind of write an analysis and that’s completely reasonable. As far as the shipping goes it was $30 for shipping so that was really good too because it came from Hong Kong. But other than that im really happy with it so far, you know it’s really working for me. Ill defiantly order from you guys again. I need another dosage and so it’s about time for me to get some more so ill be doing that again. I really appreciate everything; you guys did everything you said you would. It was really quick and really awesome. One thing about your guys’ website is it’s very easy to maneuver around. I wasn’t really quite sure about the video so I used your guy’s live chat, it was awesome. The guy I talked to Dave, I like how it was so quick. I sent a message and it was instant, right back and that’s really nice not having to send an email and wait for a couple days to get it back, it was instant messages that answered all of my questions so it was really good on that too. Other than that, that was pretty much it so I give you guys a 5 star and thank you so much for all of your help and ill defiantly recommend you, thanks.