Notebook Buffer – Best Notebook Cooling Pad

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Notebook Buffer... Get yours at *******www.asseenontvhq****/the-notebook-buffer/ The notebook buffer is th...
Notebook Buffer... Get yours at *******www.asseenontvhq****/the-notebook-buffer/ The notebook buffer is the best notebook cooling pad. If you spend much time on a computer and the tops of your thighs are permanently toasted, the Notebook Buffer is what you need to take the heat off. Maybe you’ve tried fans or other cooling products in the past, only to find them lacking in many ways – sturdiness, comfort or effectiveness. The Notebook Buffer is by far the lightest, easiest and least expensive product you’ll find that actually does the job. Notebook Buffer turns your ball-of-fire notebook into a laid-back laptop. The Notebook Buffer Keeps Laptops Cool! You can fold the Notebook Buffer, roll it or bend it, but you’ll never be able to crush it. Pack it into your carry bag to further protect your laptop and you’ll never notice it’s there, because it weighs less than a pack of gum. The 15 x 10.5 inch surface works for all portables, and the soft fibers contour to any surface (i.e. your knobby knees). The Notebook Buffer is less than one inch thick, but cannot be compressed by the heaviest laptop. Furthermore, you have a choice of colors: blue, pink or black. The Notebook Buffer lightweight notebook cooling pad is the ultimate laptop comfort accessory and traveling companion. The woven open-cell technology exposes the heat created by your laptop to airflow and scatters it before it reaches your lap. Cool air constantly travels beneath your machine, keeping it cool and you comfortable. The Notebook Buffer is the companion your laptop longs for. The innovative weave of synthetic fibers facilitates airflow and allows heat to dissipate. Your computer stays cooler and you stay more comfortable. The Notebook buffer is added protection in your laptop case, even though it weighs less than four ounces. If you’ve ever had your computer setting on a table when someone spilled coffee, you’ll really appreciate the added security of the waterproof, elevated surface. Everyone you know who owns a laptop will want a Notebook Buffer as a gift -- so do your 2010 Christmas shopping now, and opt out of next year’s rush. It’s so compact, light and easy to use that you can’t imagine anything better to protect your lap or your laptop. The design perfectly follows the “keep it simple” principle, with nothing to break or bend and no moving parts. Give the Notebook Buffer as a gift to yourself – or give it to your laptop – you’ll both find it to be the perfect companion!