55- Medicine: Autohemotherapy : Dr. Luiz Moura - English Subtitles

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55- Medicine: Medicine is the art of curing. I have only one commitment to my patients: easing their suff...
55- Medicine: Medicine is the art of curing. I have only one commitment to my patients: easing their suffering and, when possible, curing them. This is why I don't respect the so-called scientific standards. For me what proves something is the effect of the treatment. If it brings benefits to the patient it is a scientific treatment, even if we don't know what is the mechanism of action of this treatment. I use resources whatever they are - to benefit patients, so they are relieved of their suffering and, if possible, cured.... To doctors and future doctors: Always check, never accept anything like this is a thing of the past, this is "something backward', ' it is out of fashion'. If possible, always add the old to the new. And always check that no harm will come to anyone going to use the treatment. For example: the cupping-glass, which was in disuse, is now being used again in Japan. It was a great technique used in the 19th century. Pneumonia used to be cured with cupping-glasses. It was not even known why, but they were applied to the lungs and the patients were saved. There were no antibiotics at that time. The pneumococcus was the same as exists today, and it cured the pneumonia. Only later on, Reich, with bioenergetics, explained the reason for the cure. The cupping-glass pulled the blood loaded with energy, the energy potential was raised above that of the microbes. And the energy that was being used by the microbes to reproduce was removed from them. With this the cupping-glass cured the pneumonia. But before Reich published his books in the 1940s, as it worked the doctors were using the cupping-glass without knowing this, without knowing why. The great lesson is to consider as the first objective of medicine the patient's relief and cure. And after that our satisfaction as a scientist. Whether we want it or not, every physician should want to know the reason why things happen, to satisfy themselves. This is for personal satisfaction. But this is not the physicians commitment. It is the relieving of suffering, this is the only commitment of the physician.