Pental Granite Seattle

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*******GraniteStoreSeattle**** | Pental Granite Seattle Pental Granite Seattle and Granite Works are Great....
*******GraniteStoreSeattle**** | Pental Granite Seattle Pental Granite Seattle and Granite Works are Great.| *******GraniteStoreSeattle**** (360) 761-0915 Pental Granite, GraniteStoreSeattle**** and Granite Works are located in Seattle. They are ceramic tile contractors and deal in wholesale granite, ceramic tiles wholesale natural marble. They offer the latest design trends offering in house finishing facilities. They have everything you need to meet your tile needs and cater for the tiling needs of all types of rooms and our collection includes locally manufactured tiles and imported ones. Their extensive selection includes mosaic tiles, glass tiles, porcelain tiles, slate and ceramic tiles. These Seattle stores also offers a wide range of other services. No matter what your needs are, Pental Granite, GraniteStoreSeattle**** and Granite Works have the right tile for you. They have a range of porcelain, designed to give that added edge to your room. If you wish to achieve a stately sharp finish, then their range of porcelain is just for you. For their customers who are inspired by nature and want to have the most natural finish, the Basaltina Stone Project imitates the natural appeal of ballast stone while delivering the polished finished of porcelain tile. They have created unique textures and tones to give a range of finishes. You can incorporate this range to create your own individual style and combination. For the recycling enthusiasts, the Eco tech range of tiles is made purely of recycled porcelain. It is available in a range of colors, which are organically enhanced and different finishes. They can be used both inside and outside your building depending on your choice. The Glass Airstrip incorporates a mix of gloss and matte. The result is a mesh like finishing which is characteristic of this type of tile. It has a very prominent appearance and hence can be suitable where you wish to make a bold statement. The Glass Greatwall comes in the form of a glass. It has both gloss and matte finish. It can be used whole or can be cut to get smaller pieces, which can then be arranged in a systematic manner to get a desired pattern. The Kerlite is one of the newer porcelains. It is very light and thin and hence it is perfect for decorative purposes. It is also unique because it is very durable. It can be incorporated with other tiles due to its thinness. (360) 761-0915. GraniteStoreSeattle**** GraniteStoreSeattle**** serves the entire Seattle metro and outlining communities including the following zip codes: 98199, 98168, 98129, 98101, 98055, 98030, 98089, 98371, 98375 and 98004.