Hearing God - Are We Listening?

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Of related interest on the "spiritual" aspect of man: *******docs.google****/Doc?id=dc8z67wz_4d8hc8...
Of related interest on the "spiritual" aspect of man: *******docs.google****/Doc?id=dc8z67wz_4d8hc876j This study is interesting: Brain Innately Separates Living And Non-living Objects For Processing *******www.sciencedaily****/releases/2009/08/090813142430.htm Which is a very curious thing to know when seeing how certain people react to statements about God: To The Brain, God Is Just Another Guy Grafman says there were some differences between religious and nonreligious people. Those who said they believed in God had a negative emotional response to statements like, "There is no higher purpose." Nonbelievers had the same reaction to statements that assumed God exists. *******current****/items/89919809_to-the-brain-god-is-just-another-guy.htm Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/