New Chevy Traverse Memphis TN

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*******ChevroletMemphis**** New Chevy Traverse Memphis TN If you’re in the market for a new Chevy Travers...
*******ChevroletMemphis**** New Chevy Traverse Memphis TN If you’re in the market for a new Chevy Traverse and you live in the Memphis area, Chuck Hutton Chevrolet has you covered. We are currently servicing the following zip codes: 38115, 38197, 38181, 38173, 38168, 38152, 38146, 38130, 38127 and 37501. We can also be reached by telephone at (877) 322-2709. If you have any questions or concerns about a product, visit our website at *******ChevroletMemphis**** for details and to view our current inventory. At Chuck Hutton Chevrolet, we understand that buying a new or used vehicle is a big deal. If you’re looking to trade your old car, truck or SUV in for the new Chevy Traverse, you can get an instant quote through our website. Simply input the make, model, exterior color, interior color and other attributes and we’ll tell you what you can expect for the trade-in value. As well as a great price on your new Chevy Traverse, Chuck Hutton Chevrolet is going to give you another great incentive. When you purchase your Traverse, you either get zero APR plus one thousand dollars in bonus cash, or you can get two thousand dollars in total cash allowance. After buying your new Traverse, you can rest assured that if you run into any problems, Chuck Hutton Chevrolet will be there to help. Our service department offers a free twenty-one-point inspection, twelve thousand mile guarantee on all repair orders and Goodwrench Lifetime Warranties. Along with these great services, we offer a thirty-minute oil change with a courtesy car wash and tire rotations. FI you’re planning on buying tires from us, we offer a thirty-day price guarantee on all of our tires. For even more savings, grab a service coupon from our website. When you’re in the market for a new Chevy Traverse, make sure that you come to Chuck Hutton Chevrolet if you’re in the Memphis area. With our exceptional customer service and amazing incentive offers, you’re sure to get the satisfaction that you love and deserve. Our certified technicians are here to help and we guarantee your satisfaction. At Chuck Hutton Chevrolet, we make car buying what it should be: specialized and fun. For any questions or concerns, take a look at our website, *******ChevroletMemphis****, and see if you can find the answer. If not, don’t be shy; give us a call at (877) 322-2709 for more information about details for our services and new vehicles.