Should've Said No (jacob/edward)

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COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS. THE SONG "SHOULD’VE SAID NO" BELONGS TO TAYLOR SWIFT AND HER RECORD LABEL. ALL TWILIGHT CLIPS BELONGS TO SUMMIT. I AM MAKING NO PROFIT WHAT SO EVER. Warnings: This video contains slash don’t like it don’t watch it. Flames will be deleted. ALTERNATE TIMELINE/AUISH I think. Fandom: Twilight Pairing: Jakeward Dedicated: This is my second video for Jacob/Edward and just want to make a dedication to my good friends and fellow Jakeward fans, starry_nights88, you_ravish_ me and Seylin. Notes: This is sort of a prequel to my other video Two is Better than One, and its based on my drabble “should’ve” Storyline: Edward and Bella had once been in a relationship but soon things changed and they felt that it would be best if they stayed friends. One day, Jacob is outside of Bella’s home and meets Edward and they take a liking into each other. Not long after that Jacob goes through his changes and imprints on Edward. One day while Jake is out on patrol with the pack, Bella is depressed and Edward tries to comfort her, then one thing leads to another. The following days, Edward is filled with regret but can’t seem to have the courage to tell Jacob the truth. Alice having seen what happen between Bella and Edward, is tired of her adoptive brother hiding the truth from his lover, and confronts him. When Edward finally admits to his unfaithfulness, Jacob walks in the room, hurt and angry about everything. The vampire tries to talk to Jacob but the teen is too hurt by Edward having kept the secret and walks out, saying he didn’t want to see Edward again. Jacob tries to go back and live his life normally while Edward watches from a distance. The shifter continues hanging out with his friends. Edward sees Jacob and Mike talking. He hears Mike ask the native if he wants to hang out, Jacob not seeing anything wrong agress causing Edward to become extremely jealous, not wanting a human to take his lover. The vampire finds Jacob alone on one of his patrols and asks him if there is anything going on between him and Mike. Jacob is angered and says that the vampire has no right, and he should’ve thought about that before he messed around with his best friend and leaves Edward in the woods. Edward tries anything to get Jacob and is persistent. He watches Jacob on the reservation from a distance. One day he sees Jacob and Paul playing around and begins to feel that he is losing Jacob , not being able to stand seeing someone else make Jacob happy, he leaves. His pain keeps him from thinking correctly and doesn’t mask his scent, and the pack picks up his scent. Not wanting any problem Edward tries to explain things. All knowing what Edward did are hesitant to let him go unharmed after he hurt their brother. Paul being the most protective of Jacob becomes angry and shifts, preparing to attack Edward for all the harm he caused his younger pack mate. Edward deciding that he wasn’t going to go without a fight gets into a defense stance. Suddenly, Jacob comes running for him home, and shifts, jumps in front of Edward. The vampire taken aback by Jacob’s actions stands up. Meanwhile in wolf form, Jacob tells Paul to stand back and it’s his fight and no one else’s. When the pack leaves, Jacob shifts back and talks to Edward. Edward once again tries to explain and asks for Jake’s forgiveness. The teen doesn’t accept it and tells him that sorry isn’t enough for him to take him back. He says he could’ve forgiven Edward if it was someone else but not when it was his best friend. The older male tries to plea with him but Jacob has made up his mind and asks Edward to leave him alone and give him time.