Final Fantasy 12 International on Pcsx2+cheat

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Final Fantasy 12 international on pcsx2 and codebraker codes, english translation is perfect , i downloaded...
Final Fantasy 12 international on pcsx2 and codebraker codes, english translation is perfect , i downloaded it from torrent.Hyper cam is slowing down pcsx 2 so you can regulary get about 50 fps.this is some of the codes i found on some forums, its really easy to cheat with codebraker pelican1,10 version Master Code 9045E890 0C118559 HDL Support 203B2BBC 24040000 203B2CC8 24040000 99,999,999 Gil 2054AA08 05F5E0FF Always get 1024 LP after each kill 202ED200 00000000 Always get 102400 EXP after each kill 202ED1DC 00000000 Unlimited Chocobo ride time 20302958 3C01461C Quick Action (CT=0) 2030D8E4 AEB5070C 2030D8E8 AE150030 Get all Magic & Technique 40551A70 00040001 FFFFFFFF 00000000 All Bazaar Goods appears after selling any item 202F0B7C 38020063 Steal always successful and always get all possible items (Thief's Cuff not required) 203CE198 00000000 203CE1D8 00000000 203CE214 00000000 203CE170 00000000 Enemies drop all loots that they have 20317830 00000000 20317878 109E0004 2031789C 109E0004 202ED3B8 00000000 Press R2+L3 to activate 5x move speed Press L2+R2+L3 to activate 12x move speed Press L2+L3 to restore normal move speed D056E5DC 0000FEFD 2025D0E8 3C0142D7 D056E5DC 0000FDFD 2025D0E8 3C0141A7 D056E5DC 0000FCFD 2025D0E8 3C014107 Every enemy drops Seitengrate (224ATK bow) 1CA8FB64 3853D757 Every enemy drops Gendarme (90DEF shield with all element absorption) 1CA8FB64 3853D7DD Every enemy drops Trango Tower (153ATK sword) 1CA8FB64 3853D756 1-Hit-KO any enemy. (Game will crash when encounter Rogue Tomato) 202F5154 24150000 All enemies Immoblize + Disable (can't attack and can't move) Down + Start to activate Left + Start to deactivate 202F5150 24020060 D056E5DC 0000FFB7 202F5154 A2020019 D056E5DC 0000FF77 202F5154 00000000 202F5158 24020000 Poach always success R2 + Up to activate R2 + Down to deactivate 203C2F0C 10000009 203C48B0 10000006 D056E5DC 0000FDBF 203CE3C4 00000000 D056E5DC 0000FDEF 203CE3C4 10000010 Invincible (Game will crash if you wear any equip with element absorption) 203C92C8 80990005 203C92CC 13200004 203CA020 80990005 203CA024 13200004 Can re-select job Open License panel, select a character, press Square, select another job then press Circle D17936E4 00000058 217936EC 00000000