Black Rhyme - Kasha's Debut

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Debut music video by Kasha. The track is Black Rhyme off Kasha's album The Oracle and the single is coming ...
Debut music video by Kasha. The track is Black Rhyme off Kasha's album The Oracle and the single is coming soon. Black Rhyme takes a real hard look at the state of culture today. Kasha wrote it to give insight and inspire the listener. Welcome to the real world! Black rhyme, the black search for black times, I spread news like the black times, for the rebellion get ready, stop telling yourself youre heavy, your living for materialism I bring imperial wisdom, hoping that my people will listen from the young till the old to the free and in prison. I shine a light on that path leading lost souls to zion, spitting black pride with the strength of a lion. Freedom of speech my people choose the wrong meals to eat so get a plate get a fork for the knowledge I feed, knowledge I breathe breath from the black Jesus, peace on my neck teachers or righteous steps, black rhyme, black cats using a black nine, black on black crime these are black times, paint pictures of my soldiers under black skies trying to stop my grimey out your black mind get it straight, we can sit up at the table and prey and amen for modern life in the righteous of ways, the women cook while the men rant a modern day Rembrandt or Michelangelo prepared to go further than most but you dont hear me though holding toast aint the only way to see the dough, little brothers weeded though it hurts my heart, I want to make him sophisticated like Pinot Grigio, teach him different forms of art because it them that I rhyme for, I want to see their light shine more my little brothers I take time for hood life its real. Dont understand the mind of a rapist or killers that take kids away from their home where the love is. People put their business in public on Jeremy Kyle, the daily news is disgusting, whatever happened to the innocent child, lifes an injustice the hood is a position where to survive we gots to gets the hustling. I choose not to run with them dodging these traps with this god written high wisdom. I find it hard to sleep in life prison dreams of better living got me looking at the hood with the vision of those of fort the system, on a stage coach i ride by grey towers and graffiti watch the pigeons fly. It seems that we can touch but cant taste, taste but cant swallow, its snatched away for tomorrow for someone who died today. I stand tall like church archways my mind is where the past plays tying to find heaven without passing away, they stand confused I stand true work a day job even though it was a bitch how the government rapes you, in avoidance niggers rob and shoot to make papers like the news masses of youths occupation in snowmen, they roll around the city acting mili for this bacon lifes hard like the skin on toes of old Jamaicans through these bars i shed light on real life the truth to heal the world we gots to heal the youth. So heres a few pearls and dimes drop for the growing mind of you in the name of my poor people blues and reparation compare my job to plantations instead of food and water slave master pays in something called my wages. Instead of just the blacks they enslave the world of nations and tricked us into thinking we work for luxuries. So society judges a man on salary made and we compete against each other for the maximum pay. This aint freedom to survive I gots work a day am to pm my heart aches wishing to fly away, cos Im guilty that the same crimes wishing I pray for when those luxuries or mine and those worry lines fade. The wickedness of the times on the philosophers page and write scribes in the blood of the supremacist spitting in their face reach a nemesis, a single black wordsmith could start a revolution and assassinate me first kid its real.