Safety Glass: Improving Building Safety & Mitigating Threats with DuPont™ SentryGlas®

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***********/SafetyGlass/en_US/index.html?scr=metacafe_dupont_sentry_04 In recent years, man-...
***********/SafetyGlass/en_US/index.html?scr=metacafe_dupont_sentry_04 In recent years, man-made threats to buildings have become a paramount concern for designers, architects and engineers. For building projects exposed to these risks, laminated security glass can be designed for blast-resistance to mitigate threats while still allowing for the desired aesthetic of glass. Stephen Bennison, Senior Technical Associate DuPont™ SentryGlas®: And then there are other threats, … a lot of manmade threats to deal with, … these days, in – you know, in the forms of terrorism, for example. So if there’s, … … a security threat for the building, again, if you want to put a lot of glass in there, you might have to deal with; well, how do I mitigate the risk of a … , a bomb blast event? Or a … an attack from, … , a mob. Or, … somebody who might be, … wanting to attack the building with … with, … with rifles or … or … or, … or guns. So all those, … kinds of threats can be designed against by using, … laminated glass. In the bomb blast case, again, the blast will break the glass, but you want to hold that glass together. You don’t want the glass to fly in the building and hurt people. … you want to mitigate the pressure. And you want the whole thing to hold together so then you can evacuate the building. Again, you can’t do that with monolithic glass, which is just plain glass without, … the plastic there. So there are all the kinds of things where, … … an end user, an architect and a consulting engineer would partner together to try and get what they want aesthetically, but then provide something that’s safe and provides an engineering, … kind of function. Valerie Block, Architectural Marketing Specialist DuPont™ SentryGlas®: So, I mean, DuPont, at every step, has really been involved in… putting forth this interlayer solution as an effective way of improving safety. So, we have handled issues around safety glazing, hurricane impact. We’ve worked with the government on bomb blast test programs, all designed, really, to protect people and property from the dangers that we face in society today. property from the dangers that we face in society today.