Bordentown School/Juvenile Tour, The Tuskegee Of the North

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Read~ The GIst of Freedom is Still Faith, On -line Free Google Books! Tour with alumni, John Medley of Bor...
Read~ The GIst of Freedom is Still Faith, On -line Free Google Books! Tour with alumni, John Medley of Bordentown, New Jersey's, African American school affectionately known as "The Tuskegee of the North". Founded in 1886 by Rev. Rice. Modeled after Booker T. Washington, It was NJ's first Vocational Technical Institute. The school was self sustaining. Most of the 40 buildings were built on the 400 acre campus by the students. The campus included farms, technical labs and industrial shops. Bordentown's excellent academic reputation attracted supporters and dignitaries such as Albert Einstein. Unfortunately it was closed in 1955 due to it's non-compliance of the Brown vs. Board of Education segregation decision. It is currently being used as a female juvenile correctional facility. The School is in disrepair to the extent that it is on New Jersey's Ten Most endangered historical sites. It's an excellent example of how "People of faith", from various religions worked together to overcome the backward racist principalities that restricted all mankind. This friendship helped the men of faith win the Civil War. The resiliency they demonstrated, from the consequences of the War and it's hateful aftermath, is shown in the establishment of these institutions as well as in their ability to form interracial kinships. Considering these feats were accomplished by ex-slaves in an extraordinary short time, only a few decades after they gained their freedom. The time is long overdue for These Co-Racial American institutions which are directly connected to Faiths and major historical events, like the divine Underground Railroad and Lincoln's two Proclamations, (Thanksgiving and Emancipation) be given their recognition. This documentary is a landmark American masterpiece film. A Hollywood classic! Mr. Medley is truly a reflection of his generation, one of civil rights' living voices. Find out more about collaborations of the faithful: read The Gist of Freedom is Still Faith. *******www.gistoffreedom****