Study of Employee Benefits: 2009 & Beyond Podcast Series

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For more info visit www.newsinfusion**** For the fourth consecutive year, Prudential has surveyed a repres...
For more info visit www.newsinfusion**** For the fourth consecutive year, Prudential has surveyed a representative cross-section of benefits plan sponsors and benefits plan participants across the United States and compiled the findings in their latest report, the Study of Employee Benefits: 2009 & Beyond. This year’s survey also addressed another vital group of benefits decision makers: employee benefits brokers. Including the broker group within the survey created a more complete view of the industry, allowing Prudential to address many of the emerging issues and trends that will shape the delivery of employee benefits programs for the next five years—and beyond. This research is designed to be a useful tool for plan sponsors, brokers/consultants, third-party administrators, and other key stakeholders when developing their future plans. The featured podcasts include: A New Day in Employee Benefits, featuring Lori High, President of Group Insurance. Lori shares insight into how companies' cost cutting initiatives can affect employee benefits programs. Back to Basics, featuring Andy Mako, Senior Vice President, Product, Marketing, and Strategic Initiatives. Andy discusses the recent shift of employees' focus from long-term financial goals to short-term financial goals. Expertise is Essential, featuring John DeLorenzo, Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Management. John offers perspective on what employers can do to maximize their benefits package so employees are more likely to remain positive about benefits offerings. Show Them the Value, featuring Jean Wiskowski, Vice President, Group Insurance Marketing. Jean speaks about the effect of employers' benefits communication methods on the perceived value of benefit offerings among employees. Long-Term Care Insurance, featuring Malcolm Cheung, Vice President, Long-Term Care. Malcolm explains the need for long-term care insurance amid the rise of long-term care services costs.