The Offer! "Space Saga - Saga for Raakvil"

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The creative group of a film studio „GunArt” continues work on creation of the first science-fiction serial...
The creative group of a film studio „GunArt” continues work on creation of the first science-fiction serial in Latvia. It is made already much, but it is necessary to make even more! We Offer you, to become the investor and to support the further work on realization of this project. Work on creation of a serial is based on motives of not published work Gunars MIKSITIS (“Ballad from TERASINI”, “3005 year since expecting have come”, “Legends from the star captain”, „In Beams of the Decline”, „Side of Borders”) - „SAGA from RAAKVIL”. The serial as a genre, includes elements - adventures, science fiction, a drama, the action. Technically this film will be created, being based on actor's performance of characters with active application of three-dimensional animation, as much as possible approaching to the real environment of a characteristic life of this or that ekso-planet. Using a science-fiction background of a scene, overcoming borders of time and space, the image for development of mankind was offered. In a basis of the given vision has served scientifically documentary researches of history that is as a result reflected in a native planet of heroes TERASINI and on the planets colonized by it. On a background of galactic tragedies and cataclysms human mutual ratios are displayed. On a background of intergalactic flight, ratios of the person and "another's", their displays of feelings are analyzed. In film concentrated it is offered to estimate loyalty of the public against conceiving differently, so, against "another's". In a basis of a scene of a serial, the history of several families during several generations is put. Showing their spiritual and moral growth, overcoming at first sight often only seeming insuperable , difficulties given by destiny. A native planet be fast cannot a cradle for mankind any more, time has come to go away. Why? But where to go? What there expects people? How there can and whether the person can survive there in general? What will happen, when mankind, or its most part will leave the native planet? The author of the script sets such and many other questions to the heroes. As they on them will find answers, we shall see it, living with their adventures. All the rights to a screen version from the author «SAGA from RAAKVIL», are available. Within the limits of the project of film following actions are executed. The script of the first season is Completely finished, 24 series are generalized. The second and third seasons, synopsis (the short abstract) on each series separately, including the first season, the stipulated 72 series are created and finished. Scientifically documentary analysis in which leading scientists of the Latvian University in the field of history participated, physicists, astronomies is executed. Scientifically proved image on possible development of a civilization on ekso-planets is created. Being based on nonproduction assumptions, at participation of experts from the Latvian Technical University, the theoretical base in formation of systems of transport of the future and technical drawings of separate automobiles, spacecrafts, space lifts is generated, transport dry also waters which is used on a native planet of our heroes. Artly visualized main scenes of action, also are developed types of protagonists. Testing 3 dimension animations is executed, forming video animation accordingly synopsis the first series. Simulation and testing 3Dimension the main scenes of action is executed. In correspondence of a detail of all cooperation or to a meeting!