Skeletal Imagery - Grog House - Univ. Ave.

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Video reflects presence of Organized Crime in Gainesville, Florida- and the University of Florida campus. V...
Video reflects presence of Organized Crime in Gainesville, Florida- and the University of Florida campus. Video was taken on University Avenue- across the street from the University of Florida campus. First shot is of "juvenile skeleton" featured on poster of an advertisement kiosk on University Avenue. This Image echoes "apocalyptic theme" of human exploitation reflective of the organized crime related activities of Gainesville professionals- and the unethical behavior of many individuals in the community of Gainesville- behaviors that are destructive to human life and prosperity- behaviors that cause pain and human suffering- both in this community and elsewhere. It also foreshadows plans by organized crime- Univ. of Fla.- to engage in sociopolitical violence in the near future- which could potentially involve a major loss of life in Gainesville- University of Florida campus-and in other locations around the world. Other symbolism in the immediate area includes: phallic imagery such as "hot dogs" and "angry banana" symbolism- in ads for various businesses and artistic groups. Furthermore, "common grounds" coffee- is most likely a subtextual reference to Vice President Joe Biden and "cemetaries"-"death"- an allusion to his corruption by Organized Crime leaders in the Gainesville area. Reference to "big planes" publication in this video I believe reflects the involvement of Organized Crime in the Sept. 11, 2001 Terror Attacks. Other allusions-symbolism related to this theme include: Tombstone imagery [archlike formations] associated with "I Love New York Pizza" restaurant -and the presence of "Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream Shop"- A reference to Van Gogh's famous painting "The Scream"- an allusion to Sept. 11 Terror Attacks- to the presence of Radical Islam on the U.F. campus- and plans being made by Radical Islam and Organized Crime enact widespread violence and victimize students and others around Gainesville and elsewhere. Also note "Coca Cola" imagery. "Coca-cola" is- I believe- "cocaine-related symbolism"-another organized crime related allusion. A sexually related "condom theme" is also present in this video- in the form of a sign on University Avenue which reads- "Beat the Trojans". This is a football related sign but also alludes to organized crime related activities such as "prostitution", "human trafficking," and the "sexual exploitation of men-women", both "children and adults." Finally note: Video ends with the "Grog House" sign- a business sign- located on University Avenue- symbolically placed across from the UF campus. I believe this "name" is a reference to "the drugging and sexual exploitation"- of both myself and others- by members of Organized Crime- UF- Gainesville, Florida. [Note also: Reflects perverted and disgusting "frog theme" in relation to "sexual exploitation of women- a hurtful and insulting reference to me- and more broadly to women in general.]