Bruce Marshall

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*******BaltimoresFinancialAdvisors**** Bruce Marshall From the presidency of Teddy Roosevelt to the presi...
*******BaltimoresFinancialAdvisors**** Bruce Marshall From the presidency of Teddy Roosevelt to the presidency of Barack Obama, we have been through it all financially. The Roaring Twenties, The Great Depression, two World Wars, the boom of the fifties, recessions, stagflation, growth and prosperity, and back through the financial cycle again. And through the last 110 years Ameriprise Financial has ridden both the crest of the financial wave and the rough storm waters of turbulent times. And it is this type of expertise that you want when charting the course of your financial future. And that is what Bruce Marshall does. Bruce Marshall, who can be reached at phone number (877) 502-7380 serves the greater Baltimore area, specifically those living in the following zip codes: 21031, 21201, 21298, 21250, 21283, 21265, 21204, 21286, 21093 and 21094. His range of expertise in financial matters range from investment advice, retirement planning strategies, protection and insurance, saving for education, asset allocation, and general financial planning. In other words, no matter where you are and where you want to be, Bruce Marshall is a personal financial advisor who has the experience and knowledge to get you where you want to be financially. And while Ameriprise Financial has helped over two million people achieve their financial goals and dreams, there is never an end to the joy of coming alongside someone else and showing them how together, we can make this thing we call finances work for you and not against you. So what are your dreams? What are your plans? What keeps you up at night concerning finances? Have you found yourself on a differnt financial journey than the one you planned? Are you going it alone, or are you standing on the shoulders of others who can take you where you want to go. If you currently do not have a financial plan in place, why not? Take a moment now to contact Bruce Marshall, whether it be by phone (877) 502-7380, email bruce.r.marshallampf****, or if you would like to just visit us at www.BaltimoresFinancialAdvisors****. You will never know the possibilities until they are explored. And everyone knows it is better to explore with a trusted partner than going it alone.