How To Write A Resume That Guarantees An Interview

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*******CharlesMontoya.NewCareerTeleSummit**** -- Rule #1 in resume writing is There Are No Rules. The busin...
*******CharlesMontoya.NewCareerTeleSummit**** -- Rule #1 in resume writing is There Are No Rules. The business of resume writing can be compared to an advertising agency for job-seekers. The products being sold are your skills, abilities, and potential to achieve the employers business objectives. Your job search is a personal-marketing campaign -- and like any other business -- there is no one single format to sell the skill-set you offer. Think about it, do the different car companies use the same format or message to sell their sports models, minivans, and SUVs? Does Coca-Cola try to do the same thing Pepsi is doing to sell their soft drinks? The answer is obviously No and thats why you shouldnt create a resume that is just like someone elses. The effectiveness of your resume is not how good it looks standing alone, but how strong it stands out from the other applicants. And since theres not ONE format or strategy everyone wants its up to you to overhaul the rules youve been using and stack them in your favor.