CLR Chore Wars Survey Uncovers Men Vs Women Household Battles

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For more info visit www.newsinfusion**** SKOKIE, Ill., April 27, 2010 – Can a happy marriage erupt in host...
For more info visit www.newsinfusion**** SKOKIE, Ill., April 27, 2010 – Can a happy marriage erupt in hostility over housework? Fact is husbands and wives argue like crazy when it comes to who does the most work around the house -- a battle that is likely heating up across the country right now during spring cleaning season. The CLR Chore Wars Report, a new national survey that examines how the opposite sexes clean, commissioned by Jelmar, LLC, reveals that men and women have very different ideas when it comes to sharing household duties and least favorite chores. Relationship expert Dr. Robi Ludwig explains why and offers expert advice. Sharing is caring When it comes to chores, 69 percent of women say they do most of the housework. Yet, 53 percent of men disagree, saying the to-do list is equally shared. Nearly all couples who share chores equally (97 percent) say their marriage is happy. Conversely, people who believe they do all or most of the work in their homes admit they argue with their spouses about it often. One-in-five Americans admit they argue about housework on a monthly basis. “Arguing over household chores is a common problem and can be very disruptive to a marriage,” said relationship expert Dr. Robi Ludwig. “By embracing each other’s differences and learning to understand their preferences, couples can be happier and even make household chores enjoyable time spent together.” Dr. Ludwig recommends assigning appropriate tasks to each partner by stating, “If each couple sticks to chores they enjoy, this will cut down on the resentment factor.” Ludwig also tells consumers to remember to compliment your partner when he or she does something you appreciate. After receiving positive feedback, the chances they will do it again in the future will increase.