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*******SecuritySystemsDC**** Security Systems Silver Spring MD Http://SecuritySystemsDC**** Security Syst...
*******SecuritySystemsDC**** Security Systems Silver Spring MD Http://SecuritySystemsDC**** Security Systems Silver Springs MD (877) 392-0686 In an upscale community, safety is more important than ever, so people looking for Security Systems in Silver Springs MD and other areas in the metro Washington DC area are very particular about which alarm company they choose, and increasingly have turned to well-known home security experts such as Ackerman Security Systems, by going to their informative website at *******SecuritySystemsDC****, or by calling them at 877-392-0686. Even in upscale communities, the crime statistics can be staggering. According to the FBI’s 2008 Crime in the United States Report, there were a total of 2,222,196 burglaries of homes and businesses that year. That means that about 1 out of every 6 homes in the United States will be burglarized, and thieves will take less than a minute to get into the homes! In fact, about 60% of all residential burglaries take place during daylight hours! Not surprisingly, however, homes without security systems in Silver Spring MD and well as other areas in metro Washington are more than 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar than those who have alarm systems installed. The same is true for fire and smoke detectors and alarms, which often are part of a comprehensive security system package. Two-thirds of all deaths resulting from a residential fire happened in home with no smoke alarms, or where the smoke alarms were disabled. In fact, your survival rate in a residential fire is 51 percent higher if you have a smoke alarm in your home. For more information about how to best protect your family, home, and possessions, you can check out Ackerman Security Systems’ very comprehensive website at SecuritySystemsDC**** or call them toll-free at 877-392-0686. According to 2005 Department of Justice statistics, a burglary takes place in the United States about every 15 seconds, with an average loss dollar loss per burglary of $1,725! The need for security systems in Silver Springs MD, as well as the entire metro Washington DC is higher than ever, yet people are still very cost-conscious in these tough economic times. Ackerman Security Systems is proud to announce the grand opening of their new office to serve this important population center, with their now-famous monitoring rate of only $18.95 a month. Amazingly, they do not require a long-term contract, as they prefer to “earn” the long-term trust of their clients. They will offer that low rate if someone installs a new security system, or if they simply take over the monitoring on an existing home alarm. Some of the zip codes they can service are 20854, 20878, 20852, 20872, 20895, 20602, 20653, 20745, 20770, and 22375. As one of the top Security Systems companies in the metro Atlanta, GA area for the past 43 years, Ackerman Security Systems has become the first choice among real estate professions to recommend to their clients. To contact Ackerman Security Systems, go to their website at SecuritySytemsDC****, or simply call them at 877-392-0686.