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This tutorial is continued with full written instructions at *******WordpressVideos.TV So let's take a loo...
This tutorial is continued with full written instructions at *******WordpressVideos.TV So let's take a look at how to upgrade your WordPress plugins automatically in your WordPress blog. The first thing you need to do is click on the plugins tab here, and just check all the currently installed WordPress plugins and see which ones need to be updated. In the list of your currently active plugins, and even for your inactive plugins, you'll be able to see if there's a new version of a particular plugin available, and it says here that A new version is available, and to upgrade automatically, all I need to do is click on this link here. Now, WordPress is gonna ask me for some information on my web server namely the hostname, username, and password. So your hostname is usually ftp. your domain name, and your username is your cPanel log-in username, and your password is your cPanel password as well. Now, make sure you have chosen Connection Type as FTP and unless you have a secure FTP connection, then you can choose FTPS for SSL, which means it's secure socket layer. But for now, just choose FTP and click on Proceed. And you can see that my plugin has been updated automatically. What happens is that WordPress first downloads the update from the WordPress plugin repository, and then it unpacks the update, it deactivates the older version of the plugin, it removes the older version of the plugin, and then it installs the latest version of the plugin. And finally, it reactivates your plugin if it's currently activated, and if it's not currently activated, then you'll be prompted for activation of the plugin, and that's how you automatically upgrade any existing plugins in your WordPress blog.