Integrated Service Management: What is Smart?

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***********/ibm/servicemanagement/?cmp=agus_itspsmism-20100512&cm=v&csr=ism_smrt&cr=m&ct=usitp200&cm_mmc=agus_itspsmism-20100512-usitp200-_-v-_-ism_smrt-_-m "IBM customers speak about service management and what smart means for being proactive and not reactive in a network environment. Its about minimizing unnecessary resources and the carbon footprint we leave. Its about managing virtualized environments most efficiently. IBM Service Management software allows companies to be smart about the way they work and what they do." "The last 40 years have been about the dumb network. It’s been invisible and you hope it doesn’t break. The next 40 years are about the smart network. It’s about the network working for you. For example, a fisherman in Butong could use network services over his phone to get the latest meteorological report, to be able to optimize his catch and change his experience, but also change his economics. Well, smart is really only using the data that matters. …we need to be implementing technology changes at the same time as we're keeping the lights on. the capability to be able to monitor any sort of device, whether it’s traditional IT or any sort of smart device. Working smarter, to us, means being more proactive in our approach to network monitoring. So, in other words, we're not sitting around waiting for something to break. Smart for our business is minimizing the use of resources and the carbon footprint that we leave. We try to focus on transparent security, so we can response to an incident before they happen so people simply don’t notice us. not just the ability to drive data up to the enterprise so that the business people can make smart decisions, but to drive that data back down to the plant floor, so the people who are making the goods and services have the best information in real time to make great decisions to improve productivity. Virtualization is a very smart way of managing your infrastructure and making it flexible and efficient. Smart is effective, efficient, productive, it costs less, it gives you more bang for the buck. IBM is now creating better products that allow us to be better in our jobs…. their pushing us towards being smarter, being better, being more technologically savvy. That’s very smart. IBM software allows us to control our processes and work efficiently. One of the reasons that we like to partner with IBM is that they value the partnership as much as we do. We work very closely with them and we're becoming involved in development programs, working on future versions of the products. By partnering with IBM and combining that with Juniper’s Junos Space product, we can make the new network, the smart network, a reality for consumers, enabling that experience and ultimately changing the economics by reducing costs and also creating opportunities for new network services. Who knows what it’s going to look like, but I can’t wait. "