MM146: Google's Big Day - Google TV and Android FroYo 2.2

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The Moxie Mo discusses the biggest news of the week, if not the month and it belongs to Google. As you may ...
The Moxie Mo discusses the biggest news of the week, if not the month and it belongs to Google. As you may know, Google is holding it's 2010 Google I/O Conference this week and they announced two major announcements today: Google TV and Android 2.2 or FroYo as it's called. We reported rumors a while back that Google may be working with Sony and Intel on Google TV and I'm happy to say we were right. And let me be the first to admit, Google TV blows Apple TV away. We show you the moxie details on Google TV and how they've literally brought the web to your TV and your TV to the web. It's a multi-media set top-box or will soon be integrated in certain HDTVs and it will transform the way you browse the web as well as watch TV, YouTube, videos, social network and even DVR your favorite movies and shows. We have all the details in this episode! The second big announcement will make all Android smart phone users very happy - the latest Android 2.2 (FroYo) which will be released soon, has everyone talking. Most claim it "kills" Apple's iPhone and iPad in speed and in functionality and we show you the changes, enhancements and the really MOXIE things this new OS will do. Google hit it out of the park when it comes to their latest smart phone operating system and it's times like this, I wish I even had an Android phone. For more information on Google TV, Mashable**** has a great article on the facts that you need to know and how you can get your very own Google TV. Also, if you want more information on FroYo (Android 2.2) and when it will be released, click here. As always, Zazzle**** is one of our show's affiliates an when you use our promo codes MOXIMOSHOW10 or MOXIMOSHOW12, you will save a lot of money when your order any apparel and gifts! Zazzle has the best shirts, cards, apparel, gifts for graduation, weddings, birthdays and they even allow YOU to create your gifts for your loved ones.