Recruitment Jobs in Search - Gaming & Gambling Sector

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*******www.thebettingheadhunter**** - Recruitment jobs in search - gaming & gambling sector - Too many comp...
*******www.thebettingheadhunter**** - Recruitment jobs in search - gaming & gambling sector - Too many companies rely on recruitment agencies to filter out the vast amount of CVs currently flooding the international job boards when looking to fill vacancies. Admittedly its a job that most businesses are not geared up to do, so in a sense the recruiter is providing a much needed service, if thats what the hiring manager or HR professional perceives as value… The problem I have with this is that human capital is a very complex matter. Its not all about a CV and a race to get it on the desk of a client before the other 5 agencies! I constantly come across the comment from employers that they get the same CV from many different sources over a long period of time. Why wouldn’t they? The CV sits on job boards for years…. My simple point today is that employers should expect to be introduced to candidates who are motivated to look at the opportunity on offer once the recruiter has completed a professional assessment and validation service, the extent of which can vary of course, but the client should know what that service is! Maybe employers are at fault? Perhaps they have made it too easy for recruitment agencies to become CV search administrators…. clearly many businesses see recruiters as a necessary evil and little more - Recruitment jobs in search - gaming & gambling sector - *******www.thebettingheadhunter****