Recruitment Job in Gaming and Gambling

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*******www.thebettingheadhunter**** - recruitment in gaming & gambling - 16 year track record.... 27 Partne...
*******www.thebettingheadhunter**** - recruitment in gaming & gambling - 16 year track record.... 27 Partners.... market leading recruitment process.... career development & wealth creation programme..... sector ownership scheme If you are a graduate, industry professional around gaming, gambling or hi-tech, or indeed a seasoned recruiter and feel that you have reached a point in your life where you would like to explore a new challenge with a huge potential for personal development and wealth generation -- that's cash to those who need it a bit clearer! -- CNA Executive Search, Gaming, Gambling & Hi-Tech, would like to hear from you. The CNA brand was established over 16years ago with over 27 offices and is now part of the UK's largest independent recruitment business -- the Pertemps Group. Pertemps opened their first office in 1961. Proven tools & recruitment road maps! The thing about recruitment is that it is a very process driven business and unless you have received a comprehensive induction into a proven recruitment methodology, frankly, you will either fail or be at best an average performer. If you don't believe us, ask any reputable trainer in the industry such as Mike Walmsley, Roy Ripper or Warren Kemp..... in fact at CNA Executive Search we have one of the leading, most comprehensive, established and respected recruitment methodologies around. You will also need to possess a passion to succeed as this industry is full of knocks. You just can't take it personally if it doesn't go all your way, but when it does the rewards are fantastic, sometimes exceptional! Its all about building long term, credible relationships with both clients and candidates in order that you can best represent the aspirations and needs of all parties involved in the recruitment process. And its not about a got a job, want a job attitude about recruitment. You really need to look at recruitment as a profession for the long-term, not a short term fix to 'make some money'. Lecture over. So if you are a recruitment virgin or God's gift to the industry and would like to find out how 'The Betting Headhunter' (with 20 years executive search know how)and CNA Executive Search (with literally 1000's of hours of teaching and developing recruiters) can help you on the road to greatness, or elevate you from the average office recruiter to a real performer get in touch - Recruitment in gaming & gambling - *******www.thebettingheadhunter****