Stephen Hawking's Universe-Robet Leitz-Smoke and Mirrors Pt4..

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Stephen Hawking's Universe-Robet Leitz-Smoke and Mirrors Pt4..Einstein Eclipse Shadows Penumbra Mirage Wate...
Stephen Hawking's Universe-Robet Leitz-Smoke and Mirrors Pt4..Einstein Eclipse Shadows Penumbra Mirage Water Refraction(I'll try to do another video on this soon..But till soon comes..This Is It..)WORLD SCIENCE FESTIVAL..I went to this place online and watched the opening video...They started with The Einstein Eclipse Experiment...I was saying the photon was bent cause the Sun was maximum Age or Time....I thought that Age and Time were the same....But they are not...Believe it or not...That photon may have passed the "Sun Straight...And when did it start to bend..??..After "The Shadow Of The Moon".."The Photon May Have Been Attracted To The Penumbra Of The Moon On The Earth"..This is where "Reality Comes Into Play"..Photons coming off the sun should be "Similar"..And they were attracted to "The Fake Shadow"..Remember...YOU ARE A MIRROR..If you were in a dark room...And I shined a flash light on you.."I Am Seeing The Similar You Reflected Back To Me".."And The Shadow Behind You Would Be The Fake You"..And "The Real You"..??..Well that can "Only Be You".."With Your Eyes Shut"..Forget about your "Vision"..You can "NEVER" figure out a "Unification Theory"..Unless you can figure out "The Reality Of The Universe"..And if "Math" was a "True Reality To The Atom".."We Would See Numbers In The Atom"..Remember "Math" was an "Invented"..It was not "Discovered"..Those "Atom Pictures In The Video"..Especially the "Grainy Ones".."They Don't Look As Pretty As The Ones We Draw".."Do They"..??..So what is "DARK"..??.."True Dark" should be somewhere in outer space where there is "NO LIGHT"..However everything on "Our Planet" is "SHADOW DARK"..And if "Shadow's Represent Fake"..Things "May Be" different..(And this probably ain't got nothing to do with anything..But I thought I should mention it anyway)..So "The Earth" creates a "Shadow Behind It When The Sun Shines On It"..BUT YOU MUST ALSO REMEMBER..THAT THERE IS "A SHADOW WITHIN THE EARTH"..We can "NOT" see it..But about 6 Inches or so..Below "The Dirt"..In "The Front Of Our Planet".."Should Be Where The Shadow Starts"..So those pictures of "The Penumbra'..Well there should be some sort of "Shadow or Penumbra Within The Earth"..That actually starts at "The Front Of The Planet"..So if we were to "Create A Total Dark Room".."In Sunlight"..We are actually "Creating A Shadow Room"..(Okay..Are ya with me so far)..SO LET'S TALK CAMERA OR CAMERA OBSCURER..When we make a pin hole and see the image it is "UPSIDE DOWN"..So here is the "HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION"..IF THE IMAGE WAS RIGHT SIDE UP WOULD THERE BE A PHYSICAL EXPLANATION FOR THAT..??..I know that there is a "Physical Explanation For The Upside Down Image"..But just for "Experiment Purposes"..If the "Image Was Right Side Up"..(And If we grew up in "A World"..Where the "Image" was always "Right Side Up"..Would we have a "Physical Explanation For It"..??..)..Ya see..According to "This Theory"..The "Image May Have Something To Do With".. A SMALL AMOUNT OF A "SIMILAR IMAGE".."ENTERING AND BEING OUT NUMBERED BY A FAKE SHADOW ROOM"..(I know It sounds weird)..But here is another "Hypothetical Question"..IF I GAVE YOU A PHOTOGRAPH..AND ASKED YOU TO MAKE IT LOOK "FAKE" IN A "NATURAL WAY"..(Without putting it on your computer..Or "Touching It Up")..JUST MAKE THE IMAGE LOOK "FAKE"..WITHOUT USING ANYTHING..WHAT WOULD YOU DO..??..Me personally.."I WOULD TURN IT UP SIDE DOWN"..Remember "The Image Turns Totally Up Side Down".."TOTAL OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE ARE SEEING"..(Not "Sideways"..Or perhaps "BLURRY")..BUT "TOTAL OPPOSITE"..It just seems like an "Odd Coincidence" to me..I also threw in some pictures of a "Mirage"..Which should be the "Beginning Of A Medium Between Two Dimensions"..And "Water Image Refraction"..A "3D Object" enteringa "Similar Medium"..AND OF COURSE "THE PRISM"..CAUSE THOSE ARE "THE FORCES OF THE UNIVERSE"..Remember "There Is Nothing In The Universe That Is ABSOLUTE STEALTH"..Everything "Must Reveal Itself From Time To Time"..Thanks..Bye..