Information? What Is It Really? Professor Andy McIntosh

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Here is the entire video by Professor McIntosh: Design, Information and The Word of God *******edinburghcr...
Here is the entire video by Professor McIntosh: Design, Information and The Word of God *******edinburghcreationgroup****/digwog.xml Though there are many definitions for information, as to how different hierarchal patterns of information are encoded on to a material basis,,, see here for a list: In the Beginning was Information - Werner Gitt *******www.sedin****/propeng/informat.htm ,,, many people fail to realize that information is in fact a “real” tangible entity which is now “scientifically” shown to be its own unique physical entity which is completely transcendent of matter and energy by quantum teleportation and entanglement experiments. This is shown to be especially true now that the infamous “hidden variable” argument has been overturned by Alain Aspect. Moreover purely material processes, including those observed in Darwinian processes have never been observed generating many forms of information that are commonly, and exclusively, seen coming from a “mind”,, such forms of information as mathematical logic, music, or encoded information of any sort such as the coded information we see in the DNA code. The DNA Code - Solid Scientific Proof Of Intelligent Design - Perry Marshall *******www.metacafe****/watch/4060532 Basically quantum mechanics has shown us that transcendent information exercises dominion, and control, of matter-energy at the most basic foundational level of reality, which is of the same type of fundamental dominion, and control, of matter-energy we observe in the types of information we see encoded into DNA coding and computer coding, whereas material processes have never shown the ability to generate any of this encoded “control” information whatsoever. In fact material processes consistently degrade the information found encoded in life: Random Mutations Destroy Information - Perry Marshall - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4023143/random_mutations_destroy_information_perry_marshall/ All Well Studied Mutations Reduce Genetic Information - Dr. Georgia Purdom - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4121891/all_well_studied_mutations_reduce_genetic_information_dr_georgia_purdom/ Mutation Studies, Videos, And Quotes ***********/Doc?docid=0AYmaSrBPNEmGZGM4ejY3d3pfMjZjZnM5M21mZg “information is physical” Rolf Landauer “Information is Information, neither matter nor energy. No materialism that fails to take account of this can survive the present day.” - Norbert Weiner John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. The Capabilities of Chaos and Complexity: David L. Abel – Null Hypothesis For Information Generation – 2009 To focus the scientific community’s attention on its own tendencies toward overzealous metaphysical imagination bordering on “wish-fulfillment,” we propose the following readily falsifiable null hypothesis, and invite rigorous experimental attempts to falsify it: “Physicodynamics cannot spontaneously traverse The Cybernetic Cut: physicodynamics alone cannot organize itself into formally functional systems requiring algorithmic optimization, computational halting, and circuit integration.” A single exception of non trivial, unaided spontaneous optimization of formal function by truly natural process would falsify this null hypothesis. *******www.mdpi****/1422-0067/10/1/247/pdf Can We Falsify Any Of The Following Null Hypothesis (For Information Generation) 1) Mathematical Logic 2) Algorithmic Optimization 3) Cybernetic Programming 4) Computational Halting 5) Integrated Circuits 6) Organization (e.g. homeostatic optimization far from equilibrium) 7) Material Symbol Systems (e.g. genetics) 8) Any Goal Oriented bona fide system 9) Language 10) Formal function of any kind 11) Utilitarian work *******mdpi****/1422-0067/10/1/247/ag Here is a very good peer reviewed paper by Dr. McIntosh: Information and entropy – top-down or bottom-up development in living systems? A.C. McINTOSH Excerpt: It is proposed in conclusion that it is the non-material information (transcendent to the matter and energy) that is actually itself constraining the local thermodynamics to be in ordered disequilibrium and with specified raised free energy levels necessary for the molecular and cellular machinery to operate. *******journals.witpress****/pages/papers.asp?iID=47&in=4&vn=4&jID=19 Information – What it is really? – video ***********/watch?v=WytNkw1xOIc For more in depth detail on Intelligent Design please see this site: Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/2009/10/intelligent-design-anthropic-hypothesis_19.html