David Ronald Seal Is a “Police Informer”

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Links To Anti-Social Behaviour Websites *******anti-socialbehaviourcom.blogspot****/ *******anti-socialb...
Links To Anti-Social Behaviour Websites *******anti-socialbehaviourcom.blogspot****/ *******anti-socialbehaviourvideos.blogspot****/ *******antisocialbehaviourcouk.blogspot****/ *******anti-socialbehaviour******/ *******anti-socialbehaviour****/ *******anti-socialbehaviour****/ *******anti-socialbehaviour****/discovery/ *******anti-socialbehaviournet.blogspot****/ *******anti-socialbehaviour******/thefaceofantisocialbehaviour/police-informer-david-ronald-seal *******anti-socialbehaviour******/thefaceofantisocialbehaviour/ DAVID RONALD SEAL IS A “POLICE INFORMER” DAVID RONALD SEAL BUILT A STAGE IN HIS LIVING ROOM AMPLIFIED HIS GUITAR ,GOT HIS FRIENDS TO HIT BONGO DRUMS AND JUMP OFF HIS STAGE AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT. THREATENED TO KILL SHAHBAZ ALEXIS ON CHRISTMAS DAY 2008. FLOODED THE APARTMENT BENEATH HIM THIRTEEN TIMES IN 4YEARS AND 6 MONTHS. DAVID RONALD SEAL IS A “POLICE INFORMER”-IN OTHER WORDS HE IS ON THE METROPOLITAN POLICE PAY ROLL, WHICH EXPLAINS A LOT. “GOOGLE” DAVID RONALD SEAL AND SEE WHAT YOU FIND? THE BRITISH POLICE HAVE DENIED ME JUSTICE AND PROVED HOW CORRUPT THEY REALLY ARE! I AM THE ONLY JOURNALIST IN ENGLAND WHO IS DENIED THE RIGHT TO VIDEO EVIDENCE . THE POLICE HAVE MADE A PATHETIC ATTEMPT TO DESTROY MY EVIDENCE. Video Articles *******www.articlereel****/?go=14588&id=TheFaceOfAnti_SocialBehaviourInEngland2010 *******bit.ly/aYYQQc *******bit.ly/atbFnC *******bit.ly/cK4TaZ *******bit.ly/a4ajkC Trials are no longer about freeing the innocent, punishing *******www.howcast****/users/thecatinthathat guilty, and making restitution to the injured. They have devolved into a contest over who will win. DAVID RONALD SEAL ,METROPOLITAN POLICE, REBECCA LUKE ,PENELOPE SEAL ,HOMES FOR ISLINGHOTON