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My name is Tyler Vo. Ever since I was 8 I had these strange goals. I dreamed of doing big things. I wanted ...
My name is Tyler Vo. Ever since I was 8 I had these strange goals. I dreamed of doing big things. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Then I wanted to be an inventor but I lost interest. One day I wanted to be a pianist and then I was interested in becoming a scientist. Unfortunately, nobody shared the same interests as me and I grew up without any friends. Consequently, I decided to never speak ever again. Then one day, I met a friend that gave me the confidence to speak again. One day she died from cancer when I was 13. Ever since she died, I swore that I would make her proud in every way possible. Her efforts will NOT be in vain. She was really the only person that I could defy social norms with to the fullest. She'd always take my hand and pull me into the most dangerous dungeon on earth. She would rather run with me through the never ending forest than take the ordinary stone road. I'll never forget her because with her absolutely everything was possible. Before she died I made a promise to her and that's to become the greatest artist ever. I really want to go on Americas Got Talent to keep a promise to my friend. If I had the chance to be on that show, I would demonstrate to the whole world that I'm the greatest artist ever and keep a promise to a friend before I leave the stage. All my life, I wanted to express something inside of me, that I can't through any means, other than talent. I must absolutely express myself; whats inside of my heart before I die. I must keep a promise to a friend and show this world that her efforts were not in vain. If I can go on Americas Got Talent, I would get that opportunity. I could come up with the cure for cancer and be known over the whole world, but I wouldn't be happy. I would only be satisfied if I express to the world what I feel through my talent and tell the world about my story and this is the only way for me. This means so much to me, if I have to give up everything and sacrifice my life right now to do this. I grew up being so different from others and didn't have any friends. Today, I still don't have any friends. I used to be a kid with a great sense of humor who talked a lot. When I stopped talking for good, it was impossible for me to speak again. Everywhere I go somebody calls me a nerd, but I'm not going to accept it anymore! I just want this chance to show America that I'm just a kid with originality and enthusiasm who really cares about a friend. Inside of me, an overflowing ocean moves around and feels this need to express these emotions in me. I just want to gain this sense of humor back and I know if I go on Americas Got Talent something inside of me will open up. My friend would be so proud of me...that's all I want. To make her proud. I must absolutely do this! I have to before I die!