(Release) HE.Map V1.2.9a #123K03L Starcraft II Maphack/Drophack/

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Download Link: Released - Visit *******hackingedge**** for the latest download. Please subscribe! This wil...
Download Link: Released - Visit *******hackingedge**** for the latest download. Please subscribe! This will encourage me to provide future programs! I will only answer your questions only if you're a subscriber as I receive too many questions daily. Please post comments showing your "Thanks" for the release. hE.Map v1.2.9a uses the latest technology in anti-detection for Warcraft III. It uses the infamous code of disabling Warden. After disabling Warden, it is able to automatic update offsets in order for the hacks to work. In order words, it works for all version of Starcraft II! This software comes with a Fog removal maphack, crash player hack aka drophack, and also cheats to be used on single-player. Single-player cheats include the following: Instant building, Instant units, Unlimited minerals, and Unlimited Gas. Freeze all AIs/computer is for VIP only. This has been tested working for latest Starcraft II version. Cheers and enjoy guys! Login Information (Needed): Username: HackingEdge**** Password: admin If you have any questions feel free to contact me. If you have problem running the program, please install the latest Net Framework, which can be found at the link below: *******www.microsoft****/net/ For all of the latest hacks, please visit: *******www.HackingEdge**** Looking for a hack for a game which not available in the market? I offer private coding, pm for details (Don't contact me if you don't have money, no seriously I mean it.). I code in vb6/2008 which works in all OS. Disclaimer: This program is provided "AS-IS" you assume all responsibility when you download the program.