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*******www.nautilusbookawards**** We invite you to submit your most noteworthy Books and Audio Books to th...
*******www.nautilusbookawards**** We invite you to submit your most noteworthy Books and Audio Books to the 11th Annual Nautilus Book Awards - A unique book awards program that recognizes Books and Audio Books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living and positive social change. We also value books that stimulate the imagination and offer the reader new possibilities for a better life and a better world. Opening & Closing Dates: THE 2011 NAUTILUS BOOK AWARDS WILL BE OPEN FROM JULY 6, 2010 TO JANUARY 31, 2011 For more information please contact: marilynnautilusbookawards**** 001 – Aging Gracefully / Retirement Dealing with all concerns unique to aging and retirement; finding ways to enjoy the golden years with enthusiasm and gratitude 002 – Animals / Nature Promoting awareness, understanding and appreciation of the natural world and its myriad inhabitants; special stories of our furred and feathered friends 003 – Audio Books & Spoken Word Recordings of fiction or non-fiction works on subjects of literary, social or cultural significance; production and design must meet current market standards 004 - Business / Leadership 005 – Conscious Media / Journalism / investigative Reporting 006 – Ecology / Environment / Green Values 007 - Exercise / Fitness / Bodywork 008 - Fiction Addressing directly or indirectly options and possibilities for a better world that speak to the higher level of the human spirit; may include metaphysics and / or mystical elements 009 - Food / Cooking / Healthy Eating Promoting the healing power of food; preparing food to taste good, nourish the body, and appeal to the senses; includes nutritional guidance. 010 - Gift / Specialty Special books and non-book items (cards, games, etc.) that focus on and express cultural and social consciousness 011 - Grieving / Death & Dying 012 - Home & Garden / Natural Living 013 - Memoir / Personal Journey 014 - Multicultural / Indigenous 015 - Parenting / Family Supporting the nurturing, teaching and guidance of children through all stages; examining the family unit and its possibilities and responsibilities 016 - Personal Growth / Self-Help - Psychology 017 - Photography / Art / Architecture 018 - Poetry 019 - Relationships (Personal, Friendship / Same sex, etc.) Developing and sustaining meaningful interactions between and among friends, lovers, families and others 020 - Religion Relating to systems of belief, their philosophies and practices, and the ways they interact in and with the modern world 021 - Science / Cosmology New perspectives from neuroscience and frontier research on the unfolding story of who we are, how we think, and our place in the universe 022 - Social Change Promoting improvement of societal structures through awareness and activism 023 - Spirituality 024 - Wellness / Prevention / Vitality Understanding high-level wellness and its role in maintaining a healthy mind and body; promoting and sustaining strength and energy through sound health practices 025 - Women's Interests Addressing the special needs and situations that are intrinsic to feminine experience (physical mental, emotional, historical) 026 - Writing / Creative Process Educating and informing on the process of self-expression in any medium 027 – Children's Picture Books (preschool - grade 2) 028 – Children's Illustrated (grades 3 - 6) 029 – Children's Nonfiction (grades 1-6) 030 – Middle Grade and Teen Fiction ("chapter books" and young adult, ages 10-16 031 – Middle Grade and Teen Nonfiction (ages 10-16) 032 - Audio Books for Children (all ages) includes stories with or without music of intergenerational interests Books and Audio books printed in English that are copyrighted or published from June 2009 - June 2011 are eligible for entry into the 2011 Nautilus Book Awards. Your Registration for the Book Awards is not complete until your payment is received. Sign up today for the Nautilus Book Awards! Local Search Optimization by Netbiz**** *******www****biz****/local-search.php