The Origin of Life

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The Origen of Life: Many extremely (I mean extremely) advanced artifacts have been found on earth. T...
The Origen of Life: Many extremely (I mean extremely) advanced artifacts have been found on earth. These are usually confiscated and hidden away. (I have also found such artifacts) Whoever knows about these, is one HERE WITH US and is somehow watching everything and is running things, and 2, does not want us to know who made those artifacts. Well that was easy - That really tells you alot right their doesn't it? And then what about the stuff they find on the moon and Mars?? Secondly, the written history of man only goes back some 7,000 years to Babylonian times, and the earths population also seems to have exploded and expanded outward from the region of Egypt as if man just appeared out of no where - specifically somewhere in south Turkey. Thirdly, the earth is a bucket. Buckets get full, the earth took 7,000 years to become completely populated from a blank sheet other then the occasional freak artifact. At no other time was it so full then now, no other time has th e whole word become one.....EXCEPT we have these artifacts that do not fit. We also have Cro Magnum man off in a corner somewhere with no written record or biblical referance together with wierd to REALLY wierd fossils and giants, and giant animals - ....In between all this, we have the Mayans, the Aztecs, and various other freaks of nature who seem to be just too ahead of the rest of us, but are low profile enough that they are accepted as human - plus they just disappeared what's with that? (they are still here, just low profile see UNDERGROUND) But why did not the Bible mention these ancient New World civilizations? It's very simple. Our planets were inhabit by a Celestial Angelic civilization. In fact, I have found tools made of clay with 2 normal hands and not fired, but left to fossilize before the earth was old enough to have invented rocks and probably before there even were angels. (I dug these ancient of anceints tools from beneath a flint layer of stones, in geological terms the stones above the find were formed after the tools were made) Fern leaves were imbedded in the fossiled tools. Someone deliberately bruied these to tell me something. Our Planets were 5th dimension. But when Satan came to power, the good angels left. Nature itself will rebel against evil beings. Our Solar system cast Satans planet Rahab out of orbit on one end, with Celestial angels casting Satan from the 5th dimension on the other as one of the Planets blew up completely, leaving behind an iron/nickel asteroid belt (iron/nickel only exists in a planets core) Meteors blast Mars atmosphere into space, Satan and his forces scattered into the 4th dimensions of perimeter star systems.. many were left behind and live inside the planets. The ancient Mayans, Aztecs etc. were remnants of Atlantis, an angelic city. They keep a low profile now. Satan, now a Draconian, has been in Orion since. At this time, God began to re create life onto a scorched earth, and made man onto it in His image. This enraged Satan, he wants his solar system back, and is also just jealous of humans. He is king over all fallen persons angel and human alike, and all must be used to wipe out man as per his inclination. He bred with Even before she and Adam fathered Seth, and the child, Cain, was Draconian/Human = immortal we call them "Reptilians". The Origin of Life: This "revelation" began for me when I found some ancient of ancient artifacts that pointed to our Solar System having inhabit my ANGELS. There is one you will never hear! I lived in the center of United States at the time, on some stable grounds so here is the truth.......Satan is into genetics. Cro magnum man was his creation but is a soul less being - Satan cannot do what the Creator can do. All previous freaks of nature were his machinations, even mermaids etc. together with present day aliens. See my vids at You Tube channel Topmostpop for details.