VH1 Money Hungry's Trainer Richard Cascioli After Show -- Episod

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*******www.carbonated.tv/entertainment/HOLLYWOOD+EXCLUSIVE_1 There's no doubt about it. The contestants on...
*******www.carbonated.tv/entertainment/HOLLYWOOD+EXCLUSIVE_1 There's no doubt about it. The contestants on VH1's Money Hungry are gluttonous for food, money, and ample portions of drama! With us is celebrity fitness trainer Richard Cascioli who is here to trim the fat and give us insight and expert commentary on episode five of Money Hungry. Get ready to break down this episode's complex carbohydrates and absorb only what's necessary from the perspective of the contestants' fitness trainer. Money Hungry was full of many twists and turns this week: Host David Cortese revealed there would be no house vote, the Regulators refused to grant immunity to any team, Josh confronted his crush Stephanie, and the hardest working team of the week, Deep Dish, was sent home. When Carbonated TV asked how it was possible that Team Deep Dish only lost .48% while Team Flabulous, who were lackadaisical in their workouts due to the strength of their family alliance, lost .49%, Richard said he was in absolute shock. According to Richard, the weight scale could have easily tipped the other way if Team Deep Dish had maybe slugged back a couple sips of water. That's how close the results were. Bridget from the leaving team was especially fit, and Richard admitted that her body was naturally able to do more than other contestants' bodies and sadly may have affected her percentage of fat lost. The shocking results revealed the reality of the show: it's about the numbers and the percent of weight lost. Richard made it clear to emphasize that the alliances are an important part of the show; however, contestants seem to forget that the one who losses the most will win. The alliances are not a short cut to the prize because it is a single team who will win, not the entire alliance. When asked about contestant crushing, Richard suggested that Josh could be motivated or distracted because he wants to impress Stephanie. He says Josh is a total character, and it's a personal thing where it can hurt or help depending on the individual. Besides helping some top heavy contestants shed major poundage, Richard Cascioli is an altruistic individual who runs a support group for alcoholics and their families in Hollywood. He is currently working on getting Disneyland passes for homeless kids in Orange County. What's Richard's tip of the week? Plateauing is a good thing! Don't get disgruntled when your weight loss starts to plateau. Plateauing is a good thing. It means your body is adjusting to the new weight loss. Once the plateauing takes place, your body will get a surge of energy and your body will burn everything it encounters. You can catch Richard and all the meaty drama Mondays 9/8C on VH1!