Up on the Roof, Long Island Roof Cleaning

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Up on the roof, Long Island. A video and How to, showing tips about asphalt roof cleaning on long Island. s...
Up on the roof, Long Island. A video and How to, showing tips about asphalt roof cleaning on long Island. shot on location in Dix Hills NY by Power washing Dragon and Painting 631-780-4737. In this video we explain what to look for on a roof , why a good fungicide is so important , and how to get roofs their cleanest! We are not stuck on using one chemical mix or procedure, we have them all so we are able to make that call on site and use only whats best for that particular application. No pressure, low pressure, acid or oxygen based cleaning utilized respectively. Dragon's head shampoo - roof cleaning, we perform low or no pressure roof washing. We use the most effective, yet safest roof cleaning chemical employed (oxygen based or alkaline based depending on existing conditions) to get rid of those ugly black stains and on your roof, Algae, moss, lichen, mold, bird droppings, and other such contaminates. Here is the North East the main perpetrator of those disgusting black looking streaks on your roof is actually a blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa magma. Depending on the degree of contamination and the aggressiveness of the organisms found on your roof We sometimes use Tri Sodium Phosphate and Sodium Hypochlorite along with a specially formulated Enzyme Detergent as a cleaning vehicle We can also treat your roof as well with a specially developed -sustained time released long life Biocide and antimicrobial that will increase the longevity of a roof free of algae and moss contamination as much as one and half times the usually cleaning interval for your roof' and neighborhood. All of these Chemicals are safe for your roof and guaranteed NOT to void your shingle warranty" Make no bones about it , we are, "Long Island's #1 grime Fighters". At Power Washing Dragon and Painting, PDP. We just don't hose your house down. You can do that yourself. We thoroughly clean all cleanable exterior surfaces. When necessary we use EPA Approved soaps, brighteners, and mold and mildew fungicides. We utilize state of the art equipment combine with the best and latest innovations and techniques to deliver a superior job faster thus saving you money. optimal results that cost us less to delver so we can afford to charge you less. All of this, makes us the best possible value around. Power washing Dragon and Painting This, Changes, Everything. power washing Long Island NY, Long Island House washing service, sealing staining specialist serving Nassau Suffolk counties of Long Island New York. Deck and Property power washing, residential and commercial services for all of Long Island powerwashing and painting fences decks concrete driveways mold and mildew interior exterior House Washing, Deck Property all types pf pressure washing, sealing staining specialist Long Island New ... Nassau & Suffolk Long Island Pressure Washing Company long island, power wash, powerwash, powerwashing, licensed and insured contractors, power washing, insured contractors, Long Island home improvement Contractors. How To; Painting Long Island NY; House washing; pressure washing Long Island NY Power washing Long Island NY; Staining;Tape and Spackle work;Sanding;Caulking;Drywall finishing; Interior; Exterior; Faux painting; Spray painting; Experts; Concrete cleaning;Parking lot;Pressure washing; Sidewalk; Window; Graffiti removal;Gum removal; Gutter cleaning; Roof cleaning; roof power washing; deck staining; power washing PVC ;power washing decks; Suffolk county power washing; Nassau county power washing; property beautification specialist , restoration