The Gutter Truth, the Truth About Cleaning Gutters

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The gutter truth, the truth about cleaning gutters This is a video shot on long Island NY on Location by Po...
The gutter truth, the truth about cleaning gutters This is a video shot on long Island NY on Location by Power Washing Dragon and Painting. Long Island NY's #1 Grime fighters 631-780-4737 The Gutter truth: We attempt to answer these questions: "What are those black streaks on my gutters? How can I get my gutters looking new'? I washed my gutters but they are still dirty, why?" This is a video is about gutter washing. It chronicles the truth about gutter washing. we show you in this video how to get your dirty gutters the cleanest possible . Forget about what you heard. We power wash from the foundation to the gutters and everything in between but depending on how long ago the house or building was power washed and what contaminates are on it we might have to hand detail certain items so they can really get clean again. Most times, run off from roof tile and oxidation ( the black streaks you see) exhaust and road film can not be removed merely by simply power washing alone. You could push 4000 psi 4gpm minute the streaks will not budge. Even with our soaps and powerful fungicides, items such as gutters, capping, windows sills, streak free windows, shutters and what ever else that seems to be the problem area/s unique to that house or building, sometimes needs some good old elbow grease. Yes, some of the contaminants on the gutters may be dirt, mold, bird droppings and algae, but the majority of the, offending tiger striped, black streaks are from rain running over the asphalt shingles and dripping over the side of the gutter. The black streaks and dots are the result of electrostatic bonding of tar and asphalt runoff from roofing materials and other contaminants that attach themselves to Aluminum material: gutters downspouts, capping, etc. that seem impervious to just power washing alone can be removed by special chemicals and detailing procedures, which sometime require doing it by hand. Those black streaks are attached to the gutters electrostatically. The negatively charged ions from the roof runoff will stick to the positively charged ions of the gutters causing the hard to remove irregular lines. The process is called oxidation. These stains can not be removed by power washing alone and often removal requires hand scrubbing and strong chemical detailing to break the electrostatic bond. We offer Dragon's TLC, Tender Loving Care for your gutter - ( external gutter cleaning ) Clean & detail exterior of gutters / leaders/. hand scrub / brushed where necessary. If you choose the Gutter TLP- TOTAL package -Pkg. , that will include internal gutter cleaning by Hand and may include Hand cleaning of the capping, window sills, shutters, leaders, etc. as add-on items depending on what and how options are describe in the detail. These options will require a large amount of hand and ladder work (Depending on scope). The good news is we have different services to cover just about any property beautification need, just choose the ones you want. Power washing Dragon and Painting This, Changes, Everything.