How to Improve Your Memory - How to Memorize Things

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*******howtomemorizethings**** - How to Improve your Memory - How to Memorize Things BECOME A HUMAN COMPUT...
*******howtomemorizethings**** - How to Improve your Memory - How to Memorize Things BECOME A HUMAN COMPUTER OVERNIGHT! You will be able to memorize a 20 digit number- for example 93827174392043870980 – within one minute after someone presents it to you! (All of these ‘tricks’ are incredibly fun to perform, and they will win you astonishing attention and respect.) Or you could commit to memory all 50 states and their capitols and exact populations! Or impress someone by asking them to call out 50 random words and you then repeat them back in the exact order that you heard them! Again it sounds impossible: but you realize this: This system is actually so unbelievably easy that your eight year old son can master it in minutes, ONCE HE LEARNS THE SIMPLE TRICK. Here’s why: WITH THIS REVOLUTIONARY NEW COURSE YOU DON’T READ YOUR WAY TO A SUPER POWER MEMORY, YOU PLAY YOUR WAY TO IT!! Once again, we must repeat this fact – to complete every one of these fears described here you need nothing more than an average memory (which you probably call ‘poor’’untrustworthy’ or ‘unreliable’ today) Most importantly you learn this system not by being bored to death reading a book but by playing along with Ron and putting the techniques to use right away. You will learn to BURN INTO YOUR MEMORY foreign languages, numbers, names, poems, quotes, cards or anything else as fast as your eye can run over them. (To repeat once again, if you were to read a book on memory it would take you a week or two of hard work to master any practical method to recall names and faces. But when you use Ron’s simple Memory Maximized Short Cut given to you in seconds you will be able to meet 15 strangers and memorize their names perfectly that very night! You prove this fact to yourself, or the entire course doesn’t cost you a penny)