Mike Shoen Military Ben Quayle Arizona Election

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*******www.mikeshoenforcongress**** Mike Shoen for Congress in a primarily republican district vs. Ben Qua...
*******www.mikeshoenforcongress**** Mike Shoen for Congress in a primarily republican district vs. Ben Quayle. Mike Shoen is a former prosecutor and trial attorney who is running for congress for Arizona District 3 2010 election. Mike is a true Ron Paul Conservative / Republican / Libertarian. Comment Subscribe and Vote for me, Thank you! Mike.Maintaining the world’s strongest and most efficient military. It's nice to be the strongest kid on the block, it’s nice to be the wealthiest person around and it’s nice to be in a position of power. I know I like it.The United States has such Uber Dominance, such over kill, it is insane. We are out there actively with our intelligence organizations CREATING threats. Do you remember when the government told us to wrap our houses with saran wrap and duct tape our windows? Do you remember when we had the red alerts and orange alerts? Does it make sense we would have Enemies when the United States invaded someone else’s country? The United States has bombed them, embargoed them. What if someone came over to our country and embargoed us so that 1/2million of our children died? What if someone came over to our country and bombed the heck out of our cities? What if someone came to our country and shot a bunch of uranium rounds and left the toxic waste behind? You and I would be upset! You would be opposing that invader!That is why we have the need for armament: because we are creating the PROBLEM! The United States cannot afford a single enemy!Afghanistan: Give us some proof that Bin Laden had something to do with 9/11 and we will hand him over! Bin Laden IS NOT on the FBI list for 9/11! Youtube: fatty bin laden You can see it's NOT BIN LADENJoseph Stiglitz *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Joseph_Stiglitz wrote a book called the 3 trillion dollar war. *******www.amazon****/Three-Trillion-Dollar-War-Conflict/dp/0393067017 He has revised that to say the Iraq war will cost *******www.bloomberg****/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=acXcm.yk56Ko 4 TRILLION = 4 ^ 12 = 4,000,000,000,000,000 Dollars! The Iraq and Afghan wars are going to total... 7 Trillion = 7 ^ 12 = 7,000,000,000,000 DOLLARS!!!!Now I want to get back to waste in the military. Youtube Rumsfeld 2.5 trillion *******www.youtube****/results?search_query=Rumsfeld+2.3+trillionThe part of the Pentagon that was hit was the ACCOUNTING OFFICE! *******archive.southcoasttoday****/daily/12-01/12-20-01/a02wn018.htmYoutube Rumsfeld Mckinney *******www.youtube****/results?search_query=Rumsfeld+MckinneyWe are talking TRILLIONS MISSING! Donald Rumsfeld is EVADING the Questions of Rep. McKinney. The waste and mis-direction of the Military Industrial Governmental Complex (MIGC)Vote for Mike Shoen Libertarian for district 3 ArizonaComment, Subscribe and Vote for me, Thank you! Mike.*******www.FreedomsPhoenix**** invites all candidates to the studio.Produced by *******www.PhoenixBizTV****