Just A Dream – Nelly & Audio Imagery

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*******audioimagery**** So. I made this song in 3 hours. From the moment I started making the beat, throug...
*******audioimagery**** So. I made this song in 3 hours. From the moment I started making the beat, through recording, and mixing I was done in about 3 hours flat. I listened to the acappella maybe 2 twice prior to me working with it. I'm not trying to toot my own horn but geez - Sometimes I wonder what I could make if all my time was dedicated to music. And if i had a studio like the pros do. I could make hits like Barry Bonds.... Hits like a bat... its a metaphor or something. Get it? LOL Anyway, enough "dreaming". Enjoy the track. I can't stop listening to it. I much prefer this version than the original but still surprised the original is so high on the Billboard 100. Honest I was immediately turned of from the vocals and the track of the original so I saw it as a challenge to create a version of the song I like. Mission Accomplished. :) I actually just free styled the lyrics but here they are written for your reading pleasure. Verse 1: Ooo, Its so hard to let go Ooo, When you love someone so Much that you would go to hell and back But now i'm in hell cause now your gone Prechorus: Love of my Life My shorty, My wife She left me, I'm tied Cause I knew that this just ain't right Verse 2: Ooo, I'm running out of things to say Ooo, today don't feel the same without you baby Can't stop thinking about you when you were the