Trailer Wiring Harness Installation- 2006 Ford Taurus

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*******www.etrailer****/tv-wiring-install-2006-ford-taurus.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer ...
*******www.etrailer****/tv-wiring-install-2006-ford-taurus.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. Today on this 2006 Ford Taurus we are going to install wiring harness part number 18002 from Tow Ready. This is a 4-pole flat car end, 60 inches long with the wire taps. Our install is going to begin on the inside of the trunk and we will get to the wiring harness, which is located on the passenger side of the vehicle, behind the carpeting. :18 This is our main wire harness. We will pull away the tape that leads to the main wires. You can double check that it goes to this tail light and also to the opposite tail light. What you want to do first is make a ground so we have something for our tester to work off of. There is not really a body ground in there. The ground goes into the body here. :40 Okay we will start testing our wires. First we will check the running light circuit. Go ahead and turn it off to make verify it is the right one. No more signal, so that means that is our running light circuit. That is the brown wire so we can go ahead and make our first connection to that. What we will do is use our wire tap here, also known as a scotch lock, and all it does is snaps over one wire, and the other wire slips in right next to it, and t hat metal piece in the middle cuts through the plastic and make a connection between the two. A squeeze of the pliers and that is it. Now we will do the left turn signal. Alright it looks like the left turn is green with a red stripe. So we will connect our yellow wire for left turn to the wire we tested. Now we will move on to the right hand turn signal. That looks like orange with a blue stripe, so we will connect our green wire to that. And again, we will double check our connections. Green for right turn, all right lets do left turn. 1:53 Okay we are all good on that part so all we have to do now is make a ground. Use a simple ring terminal, strip back the wire, and we will redo the ground. The 4-pole will get stored in the trunk area when it is not in use. When you do need to use it, pull it out and shut the lid on it. This door seal right here is thick enough where it will not hurt the wire. Just stay away from latches and you will be fine. Pull out what you need to get to the trailer hitch. And with that, that finishes our install of part number 18002 from Tow Ready.