Amanda Knox: More Charges, More Facetime

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“The American student convicted of killing a British roommate appears in an Italian court on slander charge...
“The American student convicted of killing a British roommate appears in an Italian court on slander charges. Amanda Knox says police beat her into confessing to murders. Police say that is a lie.” (ABC) Convicted murderer Amanda Knox – who has spent the last three years in prison – is facing more jail time with a new slander charge. And as Knox’s appeal date approaches – some wonder why she’s still garnering mainstream coverage. CBS News is following the latest revelation most closely – with a correspondent on the ground in Italy. CBS also interviewed Knox’s stepfather – and her parents. Her parents are holding out hope for a successful appeal. “We were all optimistic at the beginning that she wouldn’t be convicted. But I think we are all starting to get a little more hopeful because we have such a strong case for appeal. There is nothing that connects her to that crime, and now we have a judge that might actually listen.” But Fox News is more skeptical of the attention the story is getting. It asks whether the case is the never ending story. “At some point the Amanda Knox saga will end. The reporters will pack up and leave Perugia. The books will be written and the films will be made and everyone can argue over whether Hayden Panettiere or someone else played the best Amanda Knox.” And on Sky News one contributor agrees -- putting the blame on the American public for painting her as a darling – and says don’t forget about the victim. “According to the folks back home she is just a sweet innocent. … Amanda Knox in many Americans eyes as they claim it - is the fault of a dodgy Italian legal system, the police brutality … and of course her so called lover being a liar. What is a fact is that a young innocent girl was brutally murdered so lets have no sympathy here for the murderer.” So what do you think? Is this the never-ending story?