Carville 'Not Sorry' for Ballsy Obama Joke

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BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource video politics news analysis from Newsy. Ballsy advi...
BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource video politics news analysis from Newsy. Ballsy advice for President Obama from longtime Democratic strategist James Carville -- who, in a breakfast discussion hosted by the Christian Science Monitor -- suggested the president doesn’t have ALL the right stuff. CARVILLE: "If Hillary gave [Obama] one of her balls, they'd both have two." (Video courtesy Real Clear Politics) The reporter had asked Carville whether President Obama was - quote - “misunderstood or just being a wimp.” But the not-so-friendly fire sparked debate over whether Carville had a point - coming off a midterm election the president himself deemed a “shellacking.” On Fox News - contributor Juan Williams says it isn’t the first time critics from the left have suggested the commander-in-chief’s gotta man up after what he himself called a “shellacking.” “It is about lack of direction. Why don't you get out there and sell it? ... A lot of Democrats are saying, do you have the fight in you? Are you going to fight right get up off the mat and punch back or simply allow the political narrative to be carried by Republicans who are trying to unseat you for 2012?” TIME’s Joe Klein shares a laugh over the off-color remarks with MSNBC’s Chris Jansing. JOE KLEIN: “So, I don’t understand -- Hillary has three? Isn't it weird?” JANSING: “I think he means she is a whole lot tougher.” KLEIN: “There should be a statute of limitations on James Carville.” (LAUGHTER) But all jokes aside - the debate got heated on CNN’s “John King USA” -- where conservative contributor Erik Erikson and syndicated columnist Roland Martin sparred over whether questioning the president’s manhood was appropriate. ERIKSON: “Big deal.” MARTIN: “But actually, Erik, that speaks to exactly what the problem is. And that is, I do believe you have to have respect for the office.” ERIKSON: “He may be president of the United States but he is also a politician. If he can't handle James Carville saying something like this, trust me I have plenty of friends that have said a lot worse than him.” MARTIN: “I understand that. But it’s still the office.” KING: “Alright I’m gonna call a timeout right here. I’m gonna call a timeout.” And on the same program - Carville phoned in to elaborate -- but struck a defiant tone. “If I offended anybody, I'm not sorry and I don't apologize.” (LAUGHTER) This actually isn’t the first time Carville has served up the joke -- in 2008 when he last said it, though, it was a bit less colorful -- opting instead for the word “cajones.” Get more multi-source political news from Newsy****.