Transgender Woman Accused of Giving Fake Breast Exams

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BY KYRSTEN SKULBORSTAD You're watching multisource current video news analysis from Newsy. It almost ...
BY KYRSTEN SKULBORSTAD You're watching multisource current video news analysis from Newsy. It almost sounds like a bad “So, a guy walks into a bar...” joke, but what happened in Boise was for real. A transgendered woman in Idaho is being held on $100,000 bond for charges of impersonating a doctor at Boise bars and nightclubs -- offering breast exams to other women. KENS outlines the issue. “Thirty-seven year old, Kristina Ross was working under the name of Berlyn Aussieahshowna. Police say the transgendered woman would meet other women at bars, perform a breast exam, and then have them call a real doctor for breast augmentation. But police say Kristina Ross is really Christopher Ross.” Ross is a male-to-female transgendered person. On KTVB, Ty Brennan points out one part of Ross’s past that adds an interesting twist to the case. The report also provides courtroom footage where you can hear Ross’s reaction to the prosecutor’s statements. REPORTER: “According to paperwork obtained by KTVB, from the Idaho Department of Corrections, Ross is transgendered and served three years at the Idaho maximum security institute, a men’s prison south of Boise [... back in 2003]. ..." PROSECUTOR: “The most concerning facts here are the defendant is not a doctor and that the defendant is a male touching a female’s breast, under the guise of being a female.” ROSS: “Oh my gosh!” But the Idaho Statesman reports, Ross’s appointed attorney never addressed the gender issue. So, while that wasn’t the factor in the initial arraignment, what was the reason behind Ross’s high, $100,000 bond? According to the Statesman, it was... “...mainly because of Ross’ previous conviction for aggravated battery and the fact she does not seem to have any family or work connection in the Boise area despite living here for the last three years.” And a blogger for Cincinnati**** says, regardless of Ross’s gender, he can’t believe these women fell for the -- quote -- “old breast exam trick.” “Ugh, people. Let’s say it one more time: If a person — male or female — approaches you in a bar and offers to perform a breast exam free of charge, that person is shady and likely belongs in jail, not in a doctor’s office." According to reports, a preliminary hearing on the two criminal charges of practicing medicine without a license is scheduled for December 1. If convicted, Ross faces up to ten years in prison. Get more multi-source news analysis from Newsy****.