JFK's Assassination, 47 Years Later

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BY CHARLIE MCKEAGUE You're watching multisource video U.S. news analysis from Newsy. (Music. Video of Ke...
BY CHARLIE MCKEAGUE You're watching multisource video U.S. news analysis from Newsy. (Music. Video of Kennedy assassination.) (YouTube) 47 years ago – President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade through Dallas. Authorities arrested Lee Harvey Oswald within hours – but he was killed just two days later – opening the door for conspiracy theorists. Now two of the secret service agents who were protecting Kennedy on that day talk to CNN in a rare interview. GERALD BLAINE: “We couldn’t help it. We felt like we failed. We all had the same mission, and it was a terrible feeling.” BRIAN TODD: “Blane gives a riveting new account of that period, in his just released book, The Kennedy Detail. … Clint Hill was the first secret service agent to get to Kennedy’s car in Dallas. He broke into a sprint after the initial shot was fired. He says if he could re-live that moment, and jump on the back two seconds earlier.” CLINT HILL: “Without question I would be taking a bullet for the president, and I would be taking a bullet for the president and I’d be dead.” In an hour-long documentary on the Discovery Channel, one historian looks at why some believe the Mafia was actually behind the assassination -- and it’s a connection to Bobby Kennedy that not many have explored in the past. “It is believed Mafia bosses find in the coup plan a way to stop their real enemy. Not Fidel Castro, but the U.S. Attorney General. Carlos Marcel very colorfully explained if you have a dog, and you cut off its tail, meaning Bobby Kennedy, the head of the dog will turn around and bite you. But if you cut off the head of the dog, the tail will quit wagging on its own. The Mafia developed their plan to kill JFK, and their first attempt was not in Dallas but it was actually planned for Chicago.” And The Atlantic critically examines five popular JFK myths – and lays out evidence to disprove them. The article goes on to say that – if 47 years later we are still talking about it, and uncovering new theories and evidence – the discussion should continue. “…it's a mainstream consensus that these theories have always been essentially the work of cranks, popularized by a national appetite for mystery and entertainment. But for all the crazy ideas out there, there remain sober and careful alternative views of the assassination.” But as almost 50 years have passed – for many it is history and not so much a memory. USA Today examined newspaper coverage of the anniversary of JFK’s death – finding many major organizations failed to include him anywhere on the front page. “Among them: The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, The Miami Herald, and the Los Angeles Times.” But the Dallas Morning News didn’t forget – it ran a lengthy feature – but concluded times are changing at the memorial site as many visitors are too young to remember. "...in the last five years, a majority of our visitors are not old enough to remember … Younger people who are used to greater security measures since 9/11 look at photographs of Kennedy riding in an open car and say, 'That was crazy. Why would he do that?'" Get more multisource U.S. news at Newsy Transcript by Newsy