2010 Most Fascinating People Revealed

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You're watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. It may be the only time you s...
You're watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. It may be the only time you see Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin, and Lebron James in the same category. Barbara Walters has unveiled eight of her 10 most fascinating people this year-- and it’s pretty much a grab bag of talent...or lack thereof. Besides Biebs, Palin, and Lebron...Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middleton, Betty White, and the entire cast of the Jersey Shore made the cut. Yup, the fist-pumping partiers will take a break from the gym, tanning, and laundry to sit down with Babs. Anchors for Fox Providence’s The Rhode Show are split on the pick. MALE ANCHOR: “Well why is Kate Middleton fascinating?” FEMALE ANCHOR: “Are you kidding me? Why is the Jersey Shore cast fascinating?” MALE ANCHOR: “Fascinating isn’t like the most influential people of the year. But fascinating…it’s like watching a car accident on TV every night when that show is on. You just can’t turn the channel.” But a reporter for Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV says...seriously? “I don’t find them to be fascinating. I find them to be annoying, socially irrelevant. I mean they are the dumbing of America. I can’t believe so many people are fascinated by them.” So are any of the picks really that shocking? A blogger for E says, they shouldn’t be-- if you remember who's making the list. “...bear in mind this list was crafted by a woman who thinks that Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes for a good addition to a roundtable.” Now only two questions remain. One...who will Babs bring to tears. And two...who will fill the final two spots? Walters ruled out one shoe-in. BARBARA WALTERS: “On December 9th, Thursday, we have two hours back to back. The first is with Oprah. It’s an hour with Oprah. So no Lady O, but don’t worry, Entertainment Weekly reports, there’s a whole lot of buzz-makers left to choose from. “I’d be shocked if neither Barack nor Michelle Obama made the list — she won last year, he won the year before — but stranger things have happened....Mark Zuckerberg seems like a solid choice, given that he’s never made the cut and interest in the Facebook CEO...has never been higher....Finally, either Ryan Murphy or the entire cast of Glee seems like a gimme.” And here’s Hollyscoop’s predictions: “I’m placing bets on Lindsay Lohan for sure. As for the last slot, I’ll bet on Kim Kardashian, just because she’s everywhere right now!” The special airs on December 9th on ABC. Who do you think will round out the list? Get more video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy