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Visit *******OrderYourName**** for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials. CPanel should be the first thing you must consider while searching for the web hosting service provider. It is very much essential as it provides the end user with a more convenient and easier way to manage your website. Logging into and using the different programs can be done prove to be straight forwardly. Using cPanel you can easily and quickly setup a blog, a bulletin board made using PHP or a content management system. It works even better when Fantastico scripts are used with it. It sets off a multitude of tasks, like MySQL table creation for different programs, removing the manual importing of scripts created by third-party vendors. Together, cPanel and Fantastico are able to streamline the process for the end user in setting up software and other applications. CPanel has efficiently combined the scripts and programs that which used to operate separately. CPanel was able to standardize these programs and scripts, which made web hosting and setup a uniform package for users. However, there is a disadvantage for using cPanel. Since it is widely used, it has become the method of phishers and hackers that create scripts that run and command it to setup unauthorized sub-domains that will be able to gather information from innocent victims. This method is referred to as phishing, and the user must always look out for signs of these when utilizing the cPanel. Summary about cPanel Hosting - The Most Admired Web Hosting Control Panel CPanel is where you monitor and manage your website; it is a web based client interface. CPanel lets you control your host account environment. It allows users to monitor things like disk space and bandwidth usage. CPanel also allows you to store your data in MySQL databases. Within the CPanel you will usually also has access to PhpMyAdmin, which offers you a feature to store database backups on a file and download a dump of the database. Many hosting providers advertise that you can host unlimited sites, create your own packages and control it all within a slightly more expensive reseller package. This is achieved by using a software add-on to cPanel called WHM. This for the master account URL for the reseller account means that WHM can be opened and from within WHM all the sub-accounts can be viewed and maintained. Fantastico is an excellent web application typically based on cPanel/PHP. The application integrates with cPanel and gives user the ability to install many free application and scripts automatically. These scripts vary widely in their applications from shopping site payment cart systems, to complete web site content management. We like the cPanel Email Account Creator which is the perfect script to setup a web email system to allow your users to signup and start sending emails with your hosting. The cPanel system helps you to set up databases and forces your databases to include a special prefix so that it may distinguish your database. The cPanel features provided by the free web space hosting providers that use it, for example, will vary, but usually they still include at least a file manager for uploading and editing your free web pages online. Some include all the features of paid hosting companies, such as MySQL databases, Fantastico script installer, Cron jobs manager, Add-on domains, Email management tools, AWSTATS and the Webalizer and other website statistics programs, and so on. If they do provide even half of these for free, you have found a great offer. Spam Assassin is available on many cPanel hosting sites. Spam Assassin is a mail filtering system which scans each and every email received under the email accounts hosted from your cPanel account for characteristics which are typical of spam messages. For newbie’s, cPanel is the best control panel with lot of opportunities that are easy to use. CPanel works with most common browsers, such as IE, Opera, Firefox and others. Visit *******OrderYourName**** for more WordPress Tutorials and cPanel Tutorials.