Latino Leaders Consider Forming 'Tequila Party'

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Transcript by Newsy BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource politics news from Newsy There was...
Transcript by Newsy BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource politics news from Newsy There was the Tea Party. Then the Coffee Party. Now -- the Tequila Party? KPHO: “Some Latino leaders are floating the idea of cutting ties with the Democratic Party and launching a so-called ‘Tequila Party.’” But the only shots in this party would be jabs at the political establishment -- who Latino leaders say are taking Latino voters for granted. The man behind the idea -- Fernando Romero -- is president of the non-profit ‘Hispanics in Politics’. Although nothing’s for sure - he says there’s - quote - “definitely talk” among Latino leaders. Fox News explains, he had some caffeinated inspiration. “We were impressed, like I think everyone else was, by the strength the Tea Party showed. And we thought, ‘Why not do, basically, the same thing?’” But as KSWB reports - the tequila party wouldn’t be the same thing -- it would have a pretty specific focus. “Leaders say they are frustrated with the Democrats’ lack of action on immigration reform. They say the Tequila Party would be similar in organization, but would not share the same political views as the Tea Party.” Frustration with the lack of comprehensive immigration reform is not a new sentiment coming from Latino voters frustrated with both Republican and Democratic inaction. On the heels of November’s mid-term elections - political action committee Latinos for Reform made a controversial appeal to Latino voters. “This November we need to send a message to all politicians. If they didn’t keep their promise on immigration reform, then they can’t count on our vote. ... Don’t vote this November. This is the only way to send them a clear message: You can no longer take us for granted.” But an Atlanta Journal-Constitution blog says branching off into a separate party isn’t the answer -- and the Tequila Party won’t have the same success as the Tea Party. “The tequila party ... seems to be trying to get an entire racial group to subscribe to the same (Democratic/liberal) view of a policy, immigration reform. … the authenticity and free form of the tea-party model is going to be a tough one for a lot of groups to copy if they are really just trying to get people to circle back to the same place.” Still -- BV Black Spin’s Dr. Boyce Watkins says it’s not a bad idea -- one the African American community should watch closely. “Black people have been long frustrated by the fact that Democrats have failed to deliver for our community... we might be wise to at least consider joining forces with the Hispanic community to find ways to promote our common interests.” (He does have one bone to pick though --) “...I hope they change the name from Tequila Party to something else. The last thing we need to do is promote another stereotype.” The idea IS still fermenting though. Romero says he doesn’t know if it’ll ever happen -- but told the Las Vegas Sun if immigration reform is shelved one more time -- Latino leaders would “have to do something.” Get multisource video news analysis from Newsy